WWE’s live edition of “SmackDown” will air at 8 p.m. Tuesday on SyFy, in accordance with the wrestling promotion’s European tour. The show from Birmingham, England will show the aftermath of a post “RAW” bar brawl, and also showcase a "Falls Count Anywhere" match between Randy Orton and Alberto del Rio, according to WWE.com.

The WWE website reported that Sheamus and World Heavyweight Champion Big Show were involved in a fight at a British Pub after “RAW” last night. The altercation also included Britain’s own William Regal.

The article alleges that Big Show attacked Sheamus from behind and Regal tried to intervene in the scuffle between the World Heavyweight Champion and The Celtic Warrior.

Outside of the title picture , the two biggest “SmackDown” stars Randy Orton and Alberto del Rio will meet in the ring and wherever else they end up in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The bout should be brutal with the two men finally heating up their once mediocre feud after their match at Hell in a Cell.

“SmackDown” General Manger Booker T is being teased to have a surprise for the United Kingdom. The live event is a big deal for the company, and the on-screen authority figure and 5-time WCW Champion will have to create a spectacular program.

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro is going to meet with his current rival R-Truth. The current US Champ and the former Tag Team Champion’s feud will likely result in a US Title match at Survivor Series, though the bout hasn’t been set yet.

Cesaro is on a major role and Truth was at one point a main eventer, so this could work to continue the US Champion’s push to the top. It also has served to tone down the Little Jimmy imaginary friend gimmick that Truth dragged out.

In a surprise addition, the WWE site is posing the question: “Who should be the No. 1 contender to Divas Champion?” Does this mean longer Divas matches and more promotion and storylines? Probably not.