Let's face it: We all can't be as perfect as models. With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, where members of the fashion community with attend a slew of shows for the Spring 2013 collections, we all can't help but to cross our fingers and hope for a little catwalk tumble to break the long week.

In February, one of the thousand models contracted for Fashion Week slipped on the sleek runway at the Dennis Basso Fall 2012 show. The blonde's heel became caught on the plunging V-neck evening gown she was wearing. Thankfully, the beauty prevented herself from taking a nosedive by catching her fall and continued to finish her walk.

Others throughout the years, however, have not been so lucky and actually had their faces hit the pavement. In 2011, at the Cavalera collection showing during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, one model fell on the runway, which unluckily for her was not a traditional runway but rather covered in water. Her trip resulted not only with just a fall but a splash of water to her face and clothes.

View the slideshow to see photos of the best trips and tumbles at Fashion Weeks throughout history.