The Google Play has around 450,000 apps and still counting. Among them, the gaming apps are really awesome. Recently, Google Play introduced Diablo 3 Handbook, which includes class overviews, skill calculator, items, artisans and more. Google Play boasts of exciting games, which could entice the user to instantly grab the apps.

Check out the top ten cool gaming apps for Android smartphones.

[1] Cut the Rope

Cut the rope is an award winning game which has finally arrived at Android. The player should swipe the finger across the ropes, which holds delicious candy, to cut them. The released candy would then be eaten by the cute monster. It is a challenging game for those who enjoy the brain teasing puzzle games. The app is comprised of different levels, which require amazing skills and logic to beat each level.

Price: $0.98

[2] ShadowGun

 ShadowGun  is an excellent game, which has incredible graphics and animation. The mission of the user is to hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, who is the leader of his own mutant army. The player must break into Dr. Simon's castle by making use of weapons and ships. ShadowGun is a combination of a powerful strategic battle with the third person action. The app includes the improved lighting effects and a brilliant environment.

Price: $6.54

[3] Osmos HD

Osmos HD is a popular game, which has won Game of the Year award. It is an addictive game, which has gorgeous graphics and the soundtrack. The game lets the player to enter into the Darwinian world. In order to stay alive and grow, the player must absorb small organisms.

Price: $2.97

[4] Sprinkle

Sprinkle  is a cute fun game for all ages. The game features a water cannon which is placed on a crane. The player should use the cannon to fight fires and move chunks of ice and boulders. The user should spray carefully so that one will not run out of water. It is a stunning app consisting of 72 challenging levels.

Price: $2.00

[5] Flick Golf Extreme

Yes, the Flick Golf Extreme is the upgraded version of Flick Golf. It boasts of the most difficult levels with the striking 3D atmosphere. The player should just flick the ball and hit the hole. It features quickshot, play world tour and five ball modes, which are the real challenging levels.

Price: $2.35

[6] Quell Reflect

Quell Reflect  is the best game to kill the time. It flaunts crisp graphics, soothing theme and a solid game play. The player should slide a droplet around a layout of barriers and pathways until one collects all the pearls. A level of difficulty lies inside the gameplay which includes skills to solve the puzzle.

Price: $0.99

[7] World of Goo

World of Goo is a beautifully designed app which has strange levels. The tricky levels are comprised of puzzles, regions and the creatures. It boasts of eye-catching animation and a challenging game play.

Price: $4.95

[8] Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has been a hit game which is fantastic and keeps one entertained for hours. The player should just swipe the finger across the screen to slice the fruit. It is an action game which flaunts tasty destruction with every fruit slash. It features three modes- Classis, Zen and the new Arcade.

Price: $1.25

[9] Great Little War Game

Great Little War Game is a spectacular game which includes 3D graphics. One can have a chance to fight on the land, sea and air. It includes three modes- Campaign, Multiplayer and Skirmish. The app is one of the best strategy games ever developed.

Price: $2.93

[10] Where's My Water

Where's My Water is all about Swampy, the alligator who would love to take a nice shower every day after the work. But the other alligators have damaged the plumbing and the water flow is disturbed. The mission of the player is to help Swampy by directing the water to the shower. It is a fun game with splendid graphics and soundtrack.

Price: $0.98

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