Whether the term elicits an eye roll or admiration, the counterculture types of the 21st century go by one name: hipsters. Survey junkies Travel + Leisure set out to find America's Best Cities for Hipsters for their April issue, using an appropriately judgmental and irony-laced list of barometers.

The magazine's readers ranked 35 metropolitan areas on culturally relevant features like coffee shops, bars, live music and independent boutiques. They also factored in the number of microbreweries and the tech savvy of the population.

Travel + Leisure's Katrina Brown Hunt said finding these hubs of hipsterdom was pretty simple, adding that the hipsters' tastes often coincide with those of travelers.

Whatever your take, you generally know hipsters when you see them -- most likely in funky, up-and-coming neighborhoods. A smirking attitude toward mainstream institutions means they tend to frequent cool, often idiosyncratic restaurants, shops, and bars -- the same kinds of venues that appeal to travelers looking for what they can't find at home.

Several cities on the list come as no surprise, but others may seem shocking considering hipster Mecca Brooklyn didn't even crack the top 10. (Probably because Travel + Leisure ranked New York City as a whole and noted that the hipster hangouts are too far from the traditional tourist zones.)

So what city provides the ultimate urban bohemia?

Be it Maine or Oregon, the name Portland may as well be synonymous with hipster. Yet, neither made the top of the list. Press Start to have a look at the top 10 and find out which hipster haven came out on top.


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