There was a mad scramble for Apple's New iPad as soon as it hit marketshelves last month. However, once the third generation tablet was bought and users started working on it, they discovered that the shiny new device had its own share of several functionality issues, such as inaccurate faulty meter, incompatible smart covers and most evidently, the tablet's problem of overheating.

Despite all these complaints and two weeks after the magazine said the device runs significantly hotter than previous models, Consumer Reports, in a recent ranking release, claimed that Apple's New iPad 3 is the best tablet among all the other manufacturers in the industry.

Here are five reasons why Apple's device has bested other tablets in the market, in spite of the negative image build-up. 

Heat Issue Not A Big Deal

Last month, Consumer Reports said the new iPad reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius) when handling processor-intensive tasks such as playing graphics-heavy games. Disregarding the consequence, the reviewers explained that though the iPad 3 can reach 122 degrees in 90-degree weather, when playing a game at maximum brightness, the temperatures do not pose a health hazard.

Consume Reports is a widely followed group that reviews a broad range of services and products, including electronics and cars, and has mentioned that it conducted additional tests on a number of tablets running Google Android software, including Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, and found higher temperatures common and not a cause for concern.

The device's temperature is close to 121 degrees, which a Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy Tab 10.1 also reaches in the same conditions, Consumer Reports also mentioned. While an Asustek Computer Inc. Asus Transformer Prime can reach 117 degrees.

According to media reports, Consumer Reports said in a statement today, With use of a laptop, evidence suggests that temperature on the bottom of its case of 120 degrees risks damage to bare skin with prolonged contact. But we think the same temperature on a tablet is more a potential inconvenience than a concern.

Outstanding Retina Display

Retina Display was the most anticipated feature in the new iPad, and Apple did not disappoint. And now Consumer Report agrees on this as well. Known to all, the new display packs 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution, making the new Apple tablet unmatched in the tablet world. That was a crazy amount of pixels in a 9.7-inch screen. The individual pixels are impossible to distinguish at normal viewing distance. It means over a million more pixels on your iPad than on your HDTV.

Why is everyone going gaga over the Retina display? Well, the iPad 2 is good for viewing basic videos and photos but can't handle architectural 3D renderings and full-HD graphics and videos well. Thanks to Retina Display, those problems are now over.

Moreover, the display will be a major hit with developers as they can create applications and games that are demanding and can match console-class or desktop-PC type ones. A few games were demo-ed on the new iPad, including Namco's Sky Gambler's Air Supremacy and Infinity Blade: Dungeons, and the graphics were simply amazing.

Faster Processing

The iPad's processor has been upgraded to an A5X. While the CPU remains dual-core, the graphics processor has been beefed up to quad-core. Consumers Report in its latest release has completed the new iPad's processor stating it as commendable as compared to any other tablet brand.

5-megapixel Rear-Facing (iSight) Camera

The camera of the iPad has been bumped up to include 5 megapixels, as compared to the lower version of its predecessor. At the same time, it has borrowed the optics sensor from the iPhone 4S. Furthermore, the camera can be used for full HD 1080p video recording. It also boasts features including face detection and auto focus features, making it spectacularly different from others in the market.

Ultrafast 4G LTE Connectivity

The latest version from Apple is not a complete redesign of the iPad 2, but takes advantage of faster 4G wireless technology. The new iPad baseband chip covers it all from EV-DO to HSPA+ and LTE. Wireless carrier Verizon Communications Inc in US also drew praise for its 4G network, which Consumer Report said was fast and dependable in their report recently.

Our findings suggest that if you are a serious gamer, you might want to manage how you use the new iPad by reducing screen brightness when possible, Consumer Reports' Paul Reynolds said in the supplemental report, released a few hours after its Monday report recommending the tablet.

Other consumers should find little of concern in our extended tests, on either the heat or recharging issues.