Toshiba has put a coming soon on its website detailing the features of the new tablet it is going to launch even as the market is getting over crowded with players like Motorola, Samsung, Acer with Apple as the king ruling them. Acer is slated to launch its tablet, Iconia, on April 24.

The website had information on the specs of the tablet, its design and connectivity. The name has not been decided yet. But the tablet will be equipped with 1 GHz Nvidia, 10.1 inch 1280*800 pixel display, HDMI output, 802.11b/g/n WI-FI, front and rear end cameras and mini USB.

It will run on the latest version of Android OS, Honeycomb. It will be sold in five variant colors. There will be Android quick key buttons for Home, Menu, Back and Search right up front. It will also feature 16:10 wide screen display with HD quality of 720p resolution. This will prevent from cropping of websites or movies on the screen. The sensors will help the device to auto-adjust contrast and brightness.

Camera in the rear will be 5MP and front end camera, 2MP. It will come with auto focus feature. The tablet will be equipped with stereo speakers with SRS audio enhancement. The battery is replaceable. It has a full sized SD card slot and a rubberized panel making it slip resistant. It will have video projectors and USB keys too. There will be Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Rob Wilkinson, General Manager of Toshiba Australia's Information Systems Division (ISD) is confident that the device is going to be a hit. We are confident that we can match Apple pricing for their new iPad 2 while delivering a device that is richer in features, he says. We believe that our device is superior to the Apple device, it may be a little heavier (773g) but it does have a lot of features that the iPad 2 does not have.

Well, it is easier said than done. Only the sales figures will tell if the new tablet will be a hit or a flop. With the increasing number of players in the market, tablet market is going towards a bubble burst. There are too many players who are going to enter. There was already a prediction about the bubble probability when Apple iPad2 was selling in the market in overwhelming numbers. It not very far in the future where tablets can become a commodity sold more only by features like the current cell phone markets.