The end is nigh for “True Blood” fans! Season six of the HBO series concludes on Sunday, Aug. 18 (thank goodness season seven was already renewed) and a lot still needs to be wrapped up. Sick vampires are on the loose, other vampires can walk in the daylight, Nicole doesn’t know she’s pregnant, and Sookie has to follow through on her promise to marry Warlow. So, what can fans expect when episode 10, “Radioactive,” airs?

1. A Sexy Sookie Kiss – Sookie may have promised herself to Warlow, but that’s not who she is kissing at some point in episode 10. A sneak peek reveals that the blonde telepath will be locking lips with … Violet!

In the video Violet meets Sookie and doesn’t believe that she is really Jason’s sister. Once Sookie confirms that she is indeed Jason’s sister, Violet tells her that she’s “her sister too then”  -- and then grabs her face and starts kissing her.

2. Sookie’s Promise -- Just because Sookie is kissing Violet doesn’t mean that Warlow is out of the picture. Executive producer Brian Buckner told Entertainment Weekly that the first half of the season finale will focus on Sookie and Warlow … who is a little “less patient.”

3. Time Jump -- “Radioactive” won’t start off with a time jump, but the second half of episode 10 will have a “significant” one, allowing the storylines to move along and merge into one. (No more separate vampire, faerie, werewolf, etc. drama -- it all becomes one!)

4. Sexy Time For Jason And Eric -- Where Eric flew off to may not be revealed in the “True Blood” season six finale. That being said, viewers will still feast their eyes on him (and a “certain body part”) in at least one scene in episode 10. Remember how Eric fed Jason his blood? Buckner teased EW that the scene is “sexy and provocative.”

5. Jessica’s Murder -- A lot may have gone on this season, but don’t forget that Jessica accidentally murdered three out of four of Andy Bellefleur’s faerie kids. Now that she’s out of the vampire camp she will definitely come face to face with the town Sheriff, and as actress Deborah Ann Woll told EW’s Sirius radio show, “I was almost certain that one of us was gonna be gone by the end of the year.”

The season six finale of “True Blood” airs on Sunday, Aug. 18 at 9 p.m. on HBO. What do you think will happen in episode 10, “Radioactive?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.