There is no denying it … “True Blood” was "FANGTASTIC" this season. With the season six finale set to air on Sunday, Aug. 18, we’re looking back on the top 10 moments that left us with our jaws on the ground.

10. Bill’s Daylight Experiment – “True Blood” fans didn’t know what to expect when Bill met his true death … and then rose from that blood. We watched him get staked and shot, but one of the most amusing moments stemming from Billith came when convinced himself and Jessica that Lilith’s blood would allow him to walk in the sun. Unfortunately for Bill it didn’t work. Soon after the sun hit him he was screaming in pain as he burst into flames.

9. The Prison Camp – Since the start of “True Blood” we’ve watched as the supernatural creatures set themselves up to be the villains. Although human crime against vampires did exist, the criminal never ended up living much longer – which is why Governor Burrell’s prison camp was so interesting! Governor Burrell introduced deadly new weapons, glamour blocking contacts and some super messed up experiments. Vampires were forced to have sex with each other, had their fangs ripped out, were infected with Hep V, placed on hamster wheels and forced to fight to the death.

8. Warlow’s Reveal – In season five Warlow was made out to be the new big bad in town. But upon meeting him viewers learned that he was just a vampire/ faerie hybrid with an obsession to marry Sookie and spend the rest of eternity with her – not too scary! Sookie however still had a problem with him though since he was the one responsible for the early death of her parents. The big shocker came when Warlow revealed that the only reason why he killed her parents was because they were trying to drown her.

7. Nora’s Death – Nora, Eric’s sister, was introduced last season and became a major player. Unfortunately she didn’t make it too far in season six. After putting two-and-two together with Warlow’s history with Lilith, she ended up getting captured by the LAVTF and getting thrown in the vampire camp. Nora became the first vampire casualty of Hep V, meeting a gruesome true death when she exploded in the arms of Eric. The good news is that Eric got revenge on Dr. Overlark, the man who injected her with Hep V. In possibly the most gruesome death (so far) this season, Eric ripped off Dr. Overlark’s penis and left him to slowly bleed out. Bill then stumbled across him and stepped on his head, crushing it.

6. Jessica’s Faerie Meltdown – “True Blood” viewers met Andy’s faerie kids at the end of season five … and watched them grow overnight in the season six premiere. The four girls were never informed that their faerie blood made them vampire bait, and a night out ended up with them being forcefully held in Bill’s mansion. But while Jessica initially tried to protect the girls from her unstable maker, she soon couldn’t resist their blood and it was her who they needed protection from. She ended up draining three of them, leaving Andy with only one daughter left.

5. Terry’s Funeral – Terry’s murder in episode six didn’t make viewers shed too many tears because it was so predictable. However the waterworks were flowing freely when his funeral aired in episode nine. A definite somber affair, fans were able to smile as they saw the evolution of the character through flashbacks. If that wasn’t enough, Sookie revealing that Terry loved Arlene from the moment he met her was probably the sweetest moment the whole season.

4. Governor Burrell’s Beheading – Governor Burrell proved himself to be a pretty smart and resourceful villain this season. However he never anticipated vampires being able to walk in the sunlight and his luck ran out in episode six. After refusing to tell a faerie blood-infused Bill where the white circular room was, Burrell explained that with his daughter gone he’d be happy to be a martyr for “the cause” (the extinction of the vampire race). Without a second though Bill ripped Governor Burrell’s head clean off his body.

3. Sookie’s Warlow Hook Up – When viewers met Sookie she was a virgin … and a lot has happened since then. Warlow was initially a villain to Sookie, but her attitude on the hybrid changed after he rescued her (again) from being drowned by her father (a possessed Lafayette). In one of the “what just happened?” moments of the season, Sookie straddled a tied up Warlow in the Faerie world and had sex with him … and then reluctantly agreed to marry him.

2. Steve Newlin’s Death – We bid adieu to the hilarious Steve Newlin in episode nine and as hoped he went out with style. The weasel who caused trouble for everyone at the vampire camp was forced into the sun by Eric. Looking up at his ex-wife, Steve yelled his last words before meeting the true death: “I love you, Jason Stackhouse!”

1. Sarah Newlin’s Vicious Kill – Hands down one the most shocking moment this season … Sarah Newlin committing murder. Although the blonde southern bell claimed to be working for God, she’s done numerous things over the past few years that a good Christian gal wouldn’t do. Episode eight was the icing on the cake though. When the spokeswoman for TruBlood realized that the product was being tampered with she threatened to call the FDA – but Sarah wasn’t having any of it. Attacking her from behind, Sarah tried to snack the woman’s neck. Failing to do so, both women broke out into a run (un heels). Although the TruBlood spokeswoman had a head start, Sarah caught up to her when her heels got stuck in a grate above the male vampire general population room. Taking her head from behind, Sarah bashed it into the grates, leading the vampires into a frenzy over the dripping blood. The blood caused a vampire to leap onto the grate and feed from the TruBlood woman’s face. And for good measure to make sure she was dead, Sarah ripped off one of her heels to repeatedly stab her in the head. Finally dead, Sarah began to cry and yell out “Thank you, Jesus!”

The season six finale of “True Blood” airs on Sunday, Aug. 18 on HBO at 9 p.m.

What were your favorite moments this season? Let us know your thoughts and predictions for episode 10, “Radioactive.”