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"True Blood" viewers bid adieu to Terry in episode six. HBO

“True Blood” revealed some MAJOR shockers in episode six, “Don’t You Feel Me.” Read on to find out who died, and what Governor Burrell’s camp has in store for the vampire population.

Sookie’s Savior

Season six, episode six picked up where episode five left off – with Lafayette possessed by Sookie’s father and trying to drown his daughter. Failing the first time around when Sookie was young, her father failed to kill her again when Bill released Ben to save her. Throwing Lafayette off of Sookie, Ben used his faerie power to blast the ghost out of him.

But Ben’s reunion with his “sweet, precious Sookie” is cut short when Billith summons his progeny. However, Sookie is beginning to realize that Ben isn’t that bad and decides that after saving her life twice, it’s time for her to save his. Taking his hands in hers, she brings both of them to a place where vampires can’t affect them – the faerie-verse.

Eric Vs. Pam Showdown

While Ben is with Sookie, Eric is facing off against Pam in the vampire camp. But even though Eric and Pam’s relationship has been strained, the two refuse to fight each other to the death – which is what Governor Burrell and Sarah Newlin want. Although Pam is mad that Eric made a new vampire, the pair team up and take down the guards in the room, running a stake right through him and the window where Burrell and others are watching. Peeking through the hole, Eric spies Steve Newlin, who immediately panics. “I had nothing to do with this,” he says nervously. “They made me!”

Both Pam and Eric get removed from the room and once again become separated – leaving Eric to continue hatching a plan to get his progeny free from the camp.

The Fae Gets A Name

Andy Bellfleur is still keeping a watchful eye on his one remaining daughter, number four, after her near death experience. But number four is tired of being number four, so with the help of Holly, she finally gets a name – Adelynn.

And while they decided to keep the death of his other three daughters a secret, Adelynn decides that she wants to be able to remember them through her own name – so they add three more names to hers, resulting in Adelynn Brailyn Charlene Danika.

Arlene’s Solution

Meanwhile in the Bellfleur house, Arlene becomes scared when she gets a call from Lafayette telling her that Terry was acting weird and gave him a key to a safety security box. Not wanting to lose her husband to suicide, Holly suggests to Arlene that they get a vampire to glamour him into forgetting his problems.

Holly calls her vampire friend Matt for a favor, and he comes over and tells Terry to forget about all the bad stuff and to just remember that he’s a father, husband and chef. And after snapping out of the glamour trance, Terry seems to be a happier, more carefree version of himself.

Jason Joins The Force

After watching Jessica get captured by the LAVTF, Jason is forced to find a way to save his sometimes girlfriend. Heading to the recruitment center, he immediately gets fast tracked to work at the camp after revealing all his experience in fighting vampires.

But Jason forgot to think of one obstacle – a scorned woman, Sarah Newlin. At the camp, he comes face-to-face with his ex-lover. Getting him alone, she demands to know what he’s doing at the camp, and Jason responds by telling her, “grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls.” Jason threatens Sarah, telling her that he’s going to get Jessica out or tell everyone, “What a whore for Christ you are.”

While Jason defeats Sarah verbally, she comes up with her own plan to shake Jason. Calling him into an observing room at the camp, she tells him that he’s going to watch a copulation experiment. Confused as to what that is, Sarah reveals that he’s going to watch Jessica have sex with a vampire named James.

Unfortunately for Sarah, James isn't willing to play the games set up by the camp. Telling them that he’s a vampire and not a rapist, Sarah decides to zap him with some UV light. But although Jessica is willing to cave and have sex with him in front of the scientists, James continues to refuse. Realizing that James won’t cave, Sarah Newlin removes Jessica from the room – but Jason is still shaken about the thought of seeing Jessica with another guy.

Billith Sees Lilith

With Jason inside the camp, Bill is trying to figure out his own way to get Jessica free. Forgetting about Warlow, Bill makes his hostage doctor drain a majority of his blood so that way he can talk to Lilith. But Lilith isn't happy with Bill. “You disappoint me,” she tells him after he yells at her for not helping and talking in riddles. “The time to act is now,” she concludes. “Do not come to me seeking answers again.”

Realizing what he has to do, Bill wakes from his blood-loss coma and decides to drink the sample of blood he took from Warlow in order to immediately head to the vampire camp.

More Scoop On Warlow

While Bill is walking in the sunlight, Warlow is revealing more of himself to Sookie in the faerie world. Telling her that he was born in 3532 B.C. and turned into a vampire in 3500 B.C., Warlow explains that while his heart is light, he’s still consumed by the darkness. “If you agree to be mine it will be over,” he tells her of the hunger that consumes him. “It will be a closed circle, you and me. We would only need one another’s blood to survive.” Unfortunately, that would involve Sookie turning into a vampire though.

Sam’s Banned

Sam is still on the run with Emma and Nicole, but comes to realize that running may not be the best situation for Luna’s daughter. Instead of continuing to flee, Sam calls Martha, Luna’s grandmother. Making Martha promise to keep Emma away from the pack, he bids Emma farewell.

But that doesn’t mean that Sam is done with his pack trouble, yet. Alcide finally catches up to Sam and Nicole, and while Emma is no longer an issue, Alcide still doesn't appreciate Nicole threatening to expose the wolves. Although Nicole promises to keep her mouth shut, Alcide tells both of them that they must leave Shreveport and Bon Temp for good – or he won’t be there to protect them when his pack sniff’s them out.

Terry’s Final Wish

Terry was glamoured into forgetting his troubles, which includes asking his friend to murder him without any warning. Taking out the trash at Merlotte’s, Terry is shot in the neck. Running out to her husband, Arlene is able to say goodbye to a finally-at-peace Terry.

Willa’s Request

Governor Burrell might have his daughter locked up, but he still wants to protect her. Willa requests to mingle with her kind in general population cells, but her dad insists that it’s too dangerous. “Just pray we can fix you,” he tells her, explaining that they're looking for a cure. But after a little bit of pouting, he allows his daughter to leave her solitary cell.

New Troubles For Vampires

The vampire camp is specializing in something a little more than torture. After Eric fails to fight Pam, Burrell has him locked up in a cage and decides to try a different tactic – forcing him to watch a loved one slowly be killed. Wheeling in Eric’s sister, Nora, Burrell has a scientist inject her with a strain of a virus they developed that has the ability to slowly kill a vampire.

Leaving Eric alone to watch Nora die, Eric uses his sire bond to summon Willa for help. Willa manipulates a guard into bringing her to Eric’s cell, and after setting him and Willa free, the three of them escape into the hall. With Eric dressed as a guard, Nora in scientist scrubs and Willa pretending to be their subject, the three begin to search for Pam, Jessica and Tara. And while they don’t immediately discover their friends, Eric discovers something frightening – Burrell is poisoning the new Tru Blood with the deadly virus strain in an attempt to wipe out the vampire population.

Bill’s Deadly Plan

With Warlow’s blood, Bill is able to walk right up to Governor Burrell, who's enjoying the sunlight and the bible outside the camp walls. Immune to the wooden bullet’s being shot at him, Bill uses his powers to have Burrell’s guards shoot each other.

Left alone with Burrell, Bill demands to know where the white circular room from his premonition is. But Burrell refuses to talk, saying that with his daughter gone, he’d rather be a martyr for the cause – the extinction of the vampire race.

Instead of torturing the information out him, Bill decides to take another approach – and rips Governor Burrell’s head clean off his body.

Warlow And Sookie Get A LOT Closer

Still in the faerie world, Warlow demands that Sookie tie him to a tree in order to avoid getting hurt … since he didn’t feed. Sookie agrees to, and the two share an interesting conversation about Warlow’s contract with Sookie. But things take a bizarre twist when Sookie reveals that she’s attracted to him and can’t stop the feelings. She allows Warlow to feed from her, and when he’s done, she bites his neck and feeds from him. With his blood running down her face, she begins to strip off her clothes and his, and the two hook up.

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