“True Blood” fans didn’t know what to think when the character of Warlow was verbally introduced in season five. Initially, the vampire appeared as if he wanted to kill Sookie -- but then he ended up proposing to her in season six. So, what’s his deal? Early on in season six of “True Blood,” viewers met Ben, a faerie who had been attacked by a vampire. Charming his way into Sookie’s life, he was later revealed to be Warlow, a centuries-old faerie-vampire hybrid who haunted her nightmares.

But despite warnings from Niall, her faerie grandfather, and others about how deadly Warlow is, Sookie didn’t take the shot she had to kill him. Instead, she listened to his reason for killing her parents -- which was to protect her from them.

He went on to explain that she’s his one true love and that he wants to turn her into a faerie-vampire hybrid like himself so they can spend eternity together. In a surprising move, Sookie had sex with him in the faerie world and promised to marry him -- but something seems off to us. Is he really good? Or does he have something up his faerie-vampire hybrid sleeve?

Warlow’s Rob Kazinsky dished to Access Hollywood at the beginning of the season that Warlow is “not faking how he feels. He is not faking what he has said. ... However, coming and meeting a woman and saying, ‘Hi! We’re meant to get married. I killed your parents. I’m a vampire,’ is not gonna go down as planned.” And, despite a couple questionable actions throughout the season, the actor insists that he thinks Warlow is a “good guy” -- even a “victim”!

But with the season six finale approaching this Sunday, Warlow’s “good guy” act just seems too “easy,” and we definitely feel a twist coming on.

Entertainment Weekly dished that the first half of episode 10, “Radioactive,” will focus on Sookie and “a less patient” Warlow. According to the site, Warlow “expects her to follow through on her promise to become his faerie-vampire bride.” But what happens if she doesn’t follow though?

“There’s a lot happening this Sunday, especially with Warlow and Sookie,” Kazinsky told Access Hollywood Live last Wednesday. “There’s a lot of scary things that have to happen to tee us up for next season … [The finale has] action, sex, flying, death, biting, blood. It has multiple deaths! It has everything you could want.”

So, is Sookie really safe with Warlow? Or will his true colors emerge? Catch episode 10, “Radioactive,” when it premieres on HBO Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. And let us know what you think will happen between Warlow and Sookie in the comments section.