Episode two of “True Blood’s” sixth season aired on Sunday, June 23, introducing a string of new dangers for humans and supernatural beings around Bon Temps. Episode three, “You’re No Good” will continue to unfold the growing trouble for Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the gang.

Let’s quickly recap episode two, “The Sun,” before diving into episode three spoilers:

-Bill discovered that one of his new “God-like” powers is to see the future. Unfortunately the future of the vampire population is looking a little too bright. Governor Burrell has developed silver bullets with UV light, glamour-proof contacts and a “camp” that has a UV light chamber for vampires to meet the true death.

-Warlow is now lurking around Bon Temps, but Sookie has her faerie grandfather watching over her. Viewers were introduced to Niall who revealed that the Stackhouse’s are actually the “original faerie” and that Warlow has been obsessed with the family for thousands of years. Although there is no denying Warlow’s strength, Niall explained to Sookie that she has a weapon that can destroy him – her light. By channeling her light into a powerful ball she can destroy him. However, the light ball is a one-time use and will result in her losing the rest of her faerie powers.

-Vampires aren’t the only ones being hunted. After Luna’s on-screen shift, the authorities are now looking for supernatural beings besides fangs. Sam is trying to keep Emma safe from it all but encounters a couple obstacles along the way in episode two. For one, a vampire rights advocate named Nicole wants him to “come out” as a shifter. Refusing to do so, his problems grow when Alcide’s wolf pack comes for Emma.

So, what’s next for episode three, “You’re No Good?”


“I am Lilith’s prophet,” Bill says in the teaser video. “I feel immortal.” With cool (and frightening) new powers of his being revealed every episode, “You’re No Good” shows Bill enjoying the sunlight … something a normal vampire should not be able to do. But sunbathing is not on Bill’s “to do” list.

“You said they’re all going to burn,” Jessica says cautiously to Bill. “Who’s going to burn?”

“Vampires. Many, many of them,” he says referring to the vision of the UV light chamber. “I have to stop it. I have to save them.”

How exactly Bill will be able to save the vampires is currently a mystery, but unfortunately for Sookie it looks like it involves her. Going to her house, he walks in despite not being invited. Getting forceful, he tells his ex that he’s now playing by a different set of rules.

The Wolf Pack

J.D. might be dead, but the problems in the wolf pack are not. Since taking over as pack master Alcide has definitely showed a different, more dominant side of himself. The episode three preview video shows Rikki yelling at an unknown being that all they did was bring trouble into the pack. While the promo doesn’t show where her anger is directed, it’s easy to suspect that she’s talking about Alcide.

Whether or not Emma’s presence is the cause of the tension with Rikki, the young wolf is definitely a point of concern for some people. “She’s wolf,” Alcide says. “She stays.”

Governor Burrell

Governor Burrell didn’t realize who he was messing with when he had Eric escorted out of his office in episode two. By the end of “The Sun,” “True Blood” viewers watched as Eric glamoured Burrell’s daughter, Willa, into inviting him inside after removing her special contacts. In episode three we’ll find out his plan for her – kidnapping.

“Are you daddy’s little girl?” Eric asks a glamoured Willa. “Yes,” she responds. By the looks of the video Eric will be gagging Willa at Fangtasia and “negotiating” with Burrell for her safe return.


“True Blood” fans got a quick glimpse of Warlow on Sunday, and this week it appears that he’ll be visiting the Stackhouse residence. “It’s go time,” says gun clad Jason as Niall jumps up worried.


Sookie may have walked away from Ben, but the faerie isn’t gone for good yet. The episode three promo shows that he made it to the faerie club but something is off. A mysterious brunette fairy looks on as Ben is dragged across the floor by an unknown person or thing.

Episode three of “True Blood” airs on Sunday, June 30. What are you excited to see play out in “You’re No Good?” Let us know in the comments section.