'True Blood'
Ben, played by Robert Kazinsky, will be Sookie's new love interest in season six of "True Blood." HBO

Move over, Bill, Eric and Alcide -- some competition has moved into Bon Temps! “True Blood” is set to premiere its highly anticipated sixth season on Sunday, and an exciting new sneak-peek video as leaked.

Fans of the HBO series have been reading teasers about Ben, a potential new love interest for Sookie, and we finally get to lay eyes on him in a new spoiler clip.

Moving on after the whole “Billith” affair at the Authority headquarters, Sookie is walking to work when she hears some grunts of pain coming from the woods. Stopping for a second, Sookie forces herself to keep going. “No, not today,” she tells herself. “I have a job.” But when the man in the woods lets out another painful yelp, she turns around to go back.

In the woods, she finds a banged-up man and asks him if he’s OK. “No,” he responds. “You need me to call you an ambulance?” she asks. He shakes his head no. “Do you know what happened to you?” she continues questioning. Not responding, Sookie listens to his mind, in which she hears something about “smelling blood.”

“A vampire attacked me,” he tells her out loud. “Are you a fairy?” she asks telepathically. “I’m a Halfling,” he answers back in his head. “Me too,” she says inside, smilingly.

While their exchange seems innocent in the leaked video, things between Ben and Sookie will definitely heat up at some point this season.

“There’s common ground there, because they’re both faeries,” Sookie’s Anna Paquin told TVGuide.com. “She hasn’t, until very recently, been around many of her kind that she likes, so at least starting out, there’s some hope.”

And that hope will quickly turn to seduction. Paquin stars on-screen with her husband, Stephen Moyer, who plays character Bill Compton. In season six, Moyer will step behind the camera to direct -- and some of those scenes have his wife getting intimate with newcomer Robert Kazinsky’s Ben.

“When the first scene came up, I went to [Moyer], and I was like, ‘How can I make this easy for you?” Kazinsky told E! Online. “He said, ‘Don’t! She’s great. Just do what you need to do. She’ll do what she needs to do. and just forget about it.’ I was like, ‘I’ll try.’ But it’s not easy.”

The other scoop on Ben: Entertainment Weekly reveals that the character will be evolving throughout the season in “great jumps and bounds.”

“Episode four is a very big episode for Ben,” Kazinsky dished on his character. “You’re going to find out a lot about his past. Ben does have a very dark side. That’s going to come out in force in episodes four and five.”

“True Blood” season six episode one will premiere on Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. What do you think about Ben and Sookie? Let us know in the comments section.