True Blood
Eric will be learning a little bit more about Governor Burrell's vampire camp in episode six of "True Blood." HBO/ Screen Shot

“True Blood” continued with its sixth season on Sunday, June 23 with episode two. Find out what happened in “The Sun.”

In the season six premiere Jason accepted a ride from a mysterious man, and the episode concluded with him revealing himself to be Warlow. Fortunately for Jason it was just a test (one that he failed), and his driver turned out to be Niall, his “f***in’ fairy grandfather.” Telling Jason that he’s not ready to face Warlow, whose thousands of years old, Niall leaves Jason and drives off. Unfortunately for Jason he doesn’t have too much time to prepare for Warlow … because he busted through a portal on the same bridge that Sookie and Jason’s parents died on.

While Jason deals with this new information, Tara and Pam are trying to recover from the police attack on Fangtasia. Defending Pam in the premiere, Tara was shot by the police. But while vampires can normally heal, this new weapon, which consists of a silver bullet that emits UV light, burns Tara from the inside.

Eric and Nora return to Fangtasia to find Pam and Tara. Taking the silver bullet out of Tara, Eric vows to fight back against the humans. To get his plan into action, he goes to Governor Burrell’s office to glamour him into ending the war on vampires. But what Eric doesn’t realize is the extent of the weapons that the humans have developed against the vampires. Besides the silver bullet with UV light, they also have contact lenses that prevent glamouring and a “camp” they are holding vampires in.

When the Governor discovers that Eric is a vampire, he calls his guards to take him to the camp, but Eric avoids being brought in by flying away. Instead of going directly through Burrell, Eric shows up to his house after his daughter takes out her contacts … and glamours her into letting him inside.

Sam is dealing with his own drama following Luna’s shifting on screen. With the government searching for her (and not realizing she’s dead), Sam is trying to figure out what to do with Emma. Leaving her with Lafayette while he gets things in order at the restaurant, he’s approached by a vampire rights advocate named Nicole. Acknowledging that he’s a shifter, she asks him to openly come out, but Sam refuses to face the backlash.

Heading back to Emma and Lafayette, he’s confronted by Emma’s grandmother Martha and new pack leader Alcide. “Feds gonna come looking for Emma,” Alcide warns Sam, telling him that she needs to be with family. But Sam refuses to give Emma up. Martha ends up taking her away while Sam and Lafayette get beat up by a couple of wolves.

In the faerie world, Sookie stumbles across Ben, another Halfling like her. Ben’s been attacked by a vampire and Sookie takes him back to her place to recover. When he’s all healed, she leads him to the field where the faerie club is located, but leaves him when he begins to read her mind about Bill.

When she returns to her house later on she’s surprised to find Jason there with Niall. Meeting her faerie grandfather, Niall drops a couple major bombs on Sookie and Jason. For one, he tells them that Warlow entered into their realm less that 24 hours ago (“What the f*** are we eating spaghetti for then,” Jason asks). Niall then gives them a mini history lesson on their faerie family. Turns out that the Stackhouses are the original faerie and Warlow became obsessed with the family thousands of years ago. Niall is the king of their tribe (making Sookie a faerie princess and Jason nothing), and suffered just like Sookie and Jason – losing his family to Warlow when he was a kid. It was his son, John, who promised Sookie to Warlow. However the Stackhouse’s used their magic to sentence him to a dark realm, and they possess a secret that can kill him … the light that Sookie can channel. While Sookie’s light is powerful, since she’s a Halfling she only has one shot to use it … and then she will no longer be half faerie.

Meanwhile Bill is dealing with his new title as “Billith.” After getting possessed by four naked women, he figures out one of his newest powers – feeling the pain of all hurting vampires. Going into some sort of coma, Jessica tries to snap him out of it by bringing in “food,” but Bill doesn’t immediately feed. When the women tries to walk away, Bill drags her back with his mind, bending her limbs in ways that should not be bent, and eventually having blood pour from her mouth into his.

Speaking with Lilith on another level called “no place,” Lilith warns Bill that events have been set in motion and that a tyrant is rising. “It is the beginning of the end,” she tells him. “You must complete my work.” While she doesn’t say exactly what that work is, she does let him know that he’s not a god although some might worship him as one.

When Bill snaps out of his Lilith induced coma, he discovers that he can see the future. And the future doesn’t look good. In a look at the future, Bill sees Jessica, Eric, Tara, and every other vampire that “True Blood” viewers have come to know in a white room. They are all wearing the same uniform and the ceiling of the room opens up to reveal a UV light, causing every vampire in the room to burst into flames.