Are you ready for the seventh and final season of “True Blood”? The hit HBO series will be premiering on June 22, and we’ve got some new scoop on what kind of drama to expect.

The latest spoiler regarding Season 7 of “True Blood” is that fans can look forward to seeing Tara Thornton’s childhood exposed through a flashback. Tara’s history isn’t anything new to viewers, as the series has used flashbacks before to show Tara’s rocky relationship with her mother, Lettie Mae, and friendship with Sookie. However E! News revealed that the upcoming flashback will give a peek at Tara’s “troubled past” that viewers have never seen before – her father, Joe.

According to the site, Joe is a “scary, abusive drunk.” The flashback will also feature a young Sookie and Lafayette.

While E! states that the “Tara-centric flashback” will be in “one of the final episodes of the season,” a leaked casting list revealed that the series was searching for a “young Tara” and “young Sookie” for episode 1, “Jesus Gonna Be Here.” The show was looking to cast a 10-year-old versions of Rutina Wesley’s Tara  to be featured in a flashback “having a nice moment” with a 10-year-old version of Anna Paquin’s Sookie.

Family and past history appear to be the focus for Season 7 of “True Blood.” As we previously reported, Vampire Bill will also be reuniting with his family via flashback. Fans can look forward to seeing a human Bill interact with his wife Caroline and 5-year-old daughter Sarah in 1862. The flashback will feature him clashing with his neighbors about their thoughts on the civil war.

Viewers can also look forward to learning a little bit more about Sarah Newlin’s family tree. Despite her failed attempt to wipe out the vampire race with Governor Burrell, Steve Newlin’s ex-wife will be returning along with a couple of new faces. Fans will be meeting Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree, Sarah’s “Texas socialite parents,” and Amber, Sarah’s “angry, bitter, gothed-out sister.” The new storyline is expected to reveal a big twist that will explain how Sarah turned into the anti-vampire crusader we know and love (to hate).

Meanwhile we have a theory on how a new villain will play into the final season of “True Blood.” According to E! News, Season 7’s big bad will be Mr. Gus, a “Japan native who has fully embraced the ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ was of living.” He’s described as having a “lavish, southern lifestyle” … and is reportedly out for revenge.

So, how does Mr. Gus play into the “family” or “past history” focus we’re speculating about? Since Tru Blood is a synthetic bottled blood brand created by Japanese scientists, one theory is that Mr. Gus is seeking revenge for the destroyed factories and Hep-V poisoned bottles. Another theory is that Mr. Gus was related to Ms. Suzuki, the Tru Blood businesswoman that Sarah Newlin brutally killed with her high heels at the end of Season 6. If this theory is correct, it could also play into the introduction of Sarah Newlin’s family.

Season 7 of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. What are your theories about the final season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.