Poor Bon Temps can’t catch a break. HBO’s hit series, “True Blood,” may be ending at the end of their seventh season, but that doesn’t mean the show is going to skimp on the drama. Over the past couple of years Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the gang have battled Maenad’s, dangerous vampires, anti-vampire groups, werewolves, witches and gods. So, who or what will they be going up against in Season 7? A new villain named “Mr. Gus.”

The name may be chilling for “Breaking Bad” fans who are familiar with the AMC meth villain and chicken king, Gustavo “Gus” Fring, but Mr. Gus is an entirely new and interesting problem for our “True Blood” characters.

According to E! News, Mr. Gus is a “Japan native who has fully embraced the ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ way of living.” The character is said to have a “lavish, southern lifestyle” … and is out for revenge.

So, why does Mr. Gus want revenge? And who is his target? The background behind the new villain has yet to be revealed, however we have an interesting theory based off of the horrifying events of Season 6. “True Blood” fans will remember that the sixth season primarily focused on Governor Burrell’s vamp camp. Burrell teamed up with former Fellowship of the Sun leader Sarah Newlin to not only experiment on the supernatural, but to also poison them with Hep-V. After the attacks on the Tru Blood factories, a brand of synthetic bottled blood created by Japanese scientists, Burrell graciously offered up one of Louisiana’s old facilities for them to continue producing their product. However Ms. Suzuki, a businesswoman working for the Tru Blood Corporation, ultimately ended up discovering that the synthetic blood was tainted with Hep-V, and made an attempt to contact the FDA. Ms. Suzuki never got the chance to contact the FDA though. She was attacked and killed by Sarah Newlin, who used her high heels to stab the Tru Blood representative.

Based on the drama from Season 6, one theory is that Mr. Gus is the owner or CEO at the Tru Blood Company. If the character is associated with the synthetic blood brand he may be seeking revenge for the death of Ms. Suzuki and the tainting of Tru Blood.

If this theory is correct it could be related to the recent casting news regarding Sarah Newlin’s family. As we reported in early March, the HBO series plans on adding Sarah’s “Texas socialite parents,” Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree, to the seventh and final season. Could three new characters from Texas be a coincidence? Maybe not.

In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree, “True Blood” will also be introducing a character named Amber, Sarah Newlin’s “angry, bitter, gothed-out sister.” Amber was previously mentioned in Season 2 when Sarah revealed to Jason that her sister, an advocate for vampire civil rights, had disappeared after getting hooked on V.

Whatever Mr. Gus’ connections to the Bon Temps crew is, he’ll be in competition with another new villain this season – a character mysteriously called “The Figure.” According to TV Line, “The Figure” is described as “scary, hulking, ugly mean and crafty … like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.”

The seventh and final season of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO in June 2014. What are your thoughts on the new characters? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.