“True Blood” premiered its seventh season on Sunday, June 22, killing off a major character within the first five minutes. Fans of the HBO vampire series were left were their jaws on the floor, and a “look ahead” video following the episode previewed that there would be more bloodshed and heartache in the final nine episodes.

“Vampires, we call ourselves immortal,” Jessica says to an unknown person. “We ain’t. Not if we need to feed on innocent people to survive.”

In the next couple of weeks, the body that Sookie stumbled across in the woods will come into play. She's identified as a 25-year-old named Mary Beth, and she will direct the gang (Alcide, Sookie, Jason, Sam and Andy) to her hometown of Saint Alice for answers. When they arrive, they'll discover something they weren't expecting.

“There’s no one left,” Sookie says while observing the abandoned neighboring town. “They either killed or took them … everyone.”

The overall goal of the season seems to be to get back those friends and loved ones who were taken from them during the attack on Bellefleur’s. But with vampires and humans at odds, it’ll be difficult for everyone to put aside their differences and work together to fight the Hep-V vamps.

If that weren’t enough pressure, Sookie will be dealing with a serious love triangle. Alcide has professed his love to her, and we’ve watched her say it back. But Bill seems ready to toss his hat back into the ring of love.

“Love is not always equal, Sookie,” Bill tells the blonde faerie in one clip. And whether she doubts her relationship with Alcide, she’ll somehow end up at Bill’s home … something that Alcide isn't happy about.

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