“True Detective” is airing its final episode of Season 1 on Sunday. And while fans of the HBO series are sad to see their favorite TV anthology come to an end, they’re even more excited to have the 17-year-old case of the sadistic Yellow King solved in the season finale. Talk about bittersweet.

From Maggie’s dad to Cohle himself, we’ve considered everyone a suspect as we watched Season 1 of “True Detective” unfold. And while we’d love to speculate more of who is behind the killings of Louisiana women and children, we decided to take the road less traveled and bring you the best GIFs of “True Detective.” Who knows—you might even see a clue you overlooked in one of these images.

Warning: Some"True Detective" GIFs Are Graphic

1. Something seemed suspicious about Cohle's metal men:

2.      Let's look back on the day Dora Lange was found dead: 

3.      Cohle and Hart's rocky relationship played a vital role in "True Detective":

4.      Despite disliking one another, they both covered up Reggie Ladoux’s death:

5.      Time plays a crucial role in “True Detective”:

6.      Maggie has proved to be the most composed character of the bunch:

1.      Hart is the one who broke Cohle’s taillight:

8.      Cohle and Hart both have a way with the (older) ladies:

9.      The former partners are both living equivalently depressing lifestyles: 


10.      Did Reggie Ladoux predict the series finale?



Don't forget to tune into the season finale of "True Detective" Sunday.