True Detective season 1 finale
Does Maggie's father have something to do with the killings in "True Detective"? True Detective

“True Detective” is airing its season finale on Sunday, which means fans of the HBO series have four more days to concoct their own theories of who the Yellow King and the five horsemen are. Now, we know creator of the thrilling anthology, Nic Pizzolatto, has warned fans not to overcomplicate his blunt plot, but we just can’t help ourselves.

From sifting through Reddit threads to comparing and contrasting stills taken from the past seven episodes, we’ve really dived head first into the rabbit hole of “True Detective.” But can you blame us? With a plethora of suspects and clues galore, it’s hard not to consider every possible outcome of who we think is the responsible party behind the Louisiana murders.

We’ve analyzed Errol Childress, aka the “spaghetti monster,” and Hart’s daughter Audrey, and now we’re going to pull back the blinds on another character: Maggie’s dad.

Not much is known about the character, who appears in only one episode. In fact, we don’t know much about Maggie or her family at all. But here’s what we do know about Maggie’s dear old dad that makes him a suspect in our book.

Marty’s first line in “True Detective” states that “you can’t pick you parents.” Now, at first we thought Hart was referring to himself, considering he wasn’t always the world’s best father, but after looking at the clues surrounding Maggie’s dad, we think the former detective is referring to his ex-wife’s dad. Even Cohle’s chilling words regarding “the detective’s curse” leads us to believe that someone who wasn’t seen as a threat previously is most likely the one to be the most destructive.

“You know the detective’s curse? The solution was right under my nose, but I was paying attention to the wrong clues," he said.

The detectives have been so wrapped up in Dora Lange, the Tuttles, and the man with scars that they haven’t paid attention to something so blatantly obvious: Hart’s disturbed daughter. Audrey became a key puzzle in this mystery when she was caught drawing images of fornication in school. The graphic images were very detailed. It almost looked as if Audrey was forced to watch two people have sexual relations.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? When Cohle went to visit Kelly (the girl he saved years back) in hopes of getting information about the people who tormented her, she admits that the man with scars “made her watch.” Could someone have been forcing Audrey to watch the same thing? Not only did Hart’s eldest daughter’s artistic talent surprise us, but the way she played with her dolls also set off an alarm in our minds. Five clothed dolls surrounded a naked Barbie as the little girl played. But that’s not weird, right? “Everything’s about sex,” now-a-days, right Grandpa?

That’s exactly what Maggie’s father said when he was talking about present-day kids to hart. “All in black, wearing makeup, s--- on their faces,” he said. Audrey’s grandfather definitely hit the nail on the head was predicting her future style. But is that because he knew his granddaughter was going to grow up mentally unstable due to abuse? Although Maggie and Hart dismiss their daughter’s behavior, it’s been made clear that whatever traumatized Audrey in the past had caused her to start taking medication.

When Hart visits his ex-wife, Maggie reveals that Audrey has been painting. “She’s fine…at the moment. She, uh, sometimes decides she doesn’t need her meds.” Medication for what exactly?

That’s not the only clue Michelle Monaghan gives us regarding her family. During an interview with the Daily Beast, the “True Detective” actress came forward with revealing information when asked about if “Marty’s family is still going to be part of the plot.”

“You mean my family, as in, my mother and father and that sort of thing?” she hinted. “Yes, yes. Our family—everybody—is still going to be part of the plot going forward.”

And since we haven’t seen Maggie’s father since that one episode awhile back, we can only assume that he’ll be making a debut in the season finale. So is Maggie’s dad the Yellow King? We’re not sure but he definitely has something to do with what’s going on, right?

He’s wealthy, respected, and definitely not someone we would have expected to a part of the killings—until now.

What are your thoughts about Maggie’s dad being somehow intertwined with the killers? Let us know your theories in the comments section below.