OK, “True Detective” fans, it’s about that time where we all stop what we’re doing to try and solve the mystery of our favorite HBO series. With only a few days to go until Nic Pizzolatto airs his highly anticipated season finale on Sunday, fans have been speculating more than ever as they try to unveil the Yellow King before Cohle and Hart do.

What predictions have we come up with? Well, we’ve been breaking down the biggest theories case by case from Maggie’s suspicious father to Hart’s eldest daughter Audrey. But now, we’re honing in on another eerie clue that has us scratching our chin. And it all starts with Marie Fontenot.

Who exactly is Marie Fontenot? Well, she’s a former student of Tuttle who went missing five years prior to Dora Lange’s death. When the detectives visited Fontenot’s uncle to gather more information, they were informed by the woman living in his home that everyone assumed Marie had run off with her father — including the sheriff’s department.

Without looking further into the case, little Marie was never seen again — until Cohle discovered an alarming video. The film was used to prove to Hart that the case was never solved. Hart watched the distressing video as it showed Marie sporting a sacrificial type outfit as she was held down by four masked men. The tape showed Marie crying and struggling to get away before she was raped.

“You shouldn’t have this,” he said to his former partner.

“No one should,” Cohle replied.

The reason this particular scene is so significant is because of the correlations it has to a photo we’ve all seen. Anyone who is a “True Detective” fan has studied the picture of the girl in the woods. Donning a white ensemble, complete with a blindfold and antler crown, it appears that Marie is wandering through the forest with a pregnant belly.

True Detective season 1 finale "True Detective" theories hone in on Marie Fontenot. Photo: True Detective

We know Marie was raped, which is what could have led to her pregnancy, but what is the importance of this? Well, it comes back to Hart’s daughter. When we first saw Audrey’s drawings we were too distracted looking at the risqué images that we overlooked one of a woman with a plump belly. Could that drawing be of the pregnant Marie?

True Detective season finale spoilers Was Marie Fontenot pregnant in "True Detective"? Photo: True Detective

Here’s our theory: We have a feeling that the Tuttle family is made up of the children born from the “virgin” sacrifices. Remember Cohle and Hart’s visit to the Tuttle employee Ms. Dolores? She had admitted that the Tuttle family was made up of illegitimate children and it was because Sam Tuttle never wanted a woman more than once.

"He didn't like a woman. See, once she had it done to her, he didn't like them but that one time. Not after that."

Could he have been going through females, forcing them to have his children and then discarding them?

We knew the Tuttle family ran deep into backwoods of Louisiana, but this is pretty out of control if proven true. What are your thoughts on this theory? Let us know in the comments section below and tell us your own!