As “True Detective” winds down with their first season, fans of the HBO crime drama are already playing the part of detective, searching for spoilers that can tell them anything regarding the unconfirmed season 2 of the Nic Pizzolatto series. And until last night, there wasn’t really much for admirers of the anthology show to chew on.

Last night during the 86th Academy Awards, “True Detective” star Matthew McConaughey dished a season 2 spoiler we wish wasn’t true. After winning the award for Best Actor for his work in “Dallas Buyers Club,” McConaughey made a heartbreaking announcement.

“I won't be back for season two. Season one was finite,” the actor, who plays the mysterious Rust Cohle on the HBO thriller, revealed. "It's a different time in television. It's not [that] there's not that feeling of if you're having a successful film career and somebody brings up something on television we didn't know, at the time when I got it, where it was going to be. All I knew is I read the first two episodes, and I was in. And I was just, at the time, looking for quality."

And boy, did he get the value he was looking for! The premiere of “True Detective” was HBO’s biggest drama debut since 2010. It brought in 2.3 million viewers and ratings of the show have actually increased, hitting a high of 2.6 million viewers, according to E! News. With those impressive stats, it would be completely insane for “True Detective” not to have a season 2, right? Well, it looks like McConaughey’s confession just answered that burning question for us.

Creators of “True Detective” have previously explained that they want their eight-episode anthology franchise to follow a similar beat as “American Horror Story.” That means, each season will star a new set of characters and an original plot. If that’s true, should we expect to see similar faces in the sophomore season of “True Detective”?

Let us know in the poll below if you’d want a new cast for season 2 of “True Detective” or if Pizzolatto should keep the original actors. And don’t forget to watch the season finale of the HBO anthology this Sunday at 9 p.m.