UPDATE: 1 a.m. EST — Google seems to have caught on to the prank on its Google Maps service and has reverted the name of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, to its actual name, hours after pranksters changed it to “Dump Tower.”

TrumpTower Google seems to have fixed the prank on Trump Tower on its Maps service. Photo: Google Maps/Screenshot

Till late Saturday night, a search on Google Maps for President-elect Donald Trump’s current home in New York City showed a result that was most likely the work of online vandals. However, some search results in certain geographies are still showing “Dump Tower.”

Original story:

Pranksters have done it again. A search for Trump Tower in New York City — current home to President-elect Donald Trump — on Google Maps is showing the building at its proper location on 5th Avenue, but the name has been changed to “Dump Tower.”

It is not clear whether Google is as yet aware of the change. Last year, the technology company had put a freeze on public edits to its Maps due to a large number of cases of vandalism.

The building and its nearby areas have been secured by the Secret Service, causing at least some problems for others in the neighborhood, but it is still pretty vulnerable online. The vandalism first came to light on Saturday, and reactions have since flooded social media.

There were also some who were clearly unhappy, and blamed Google.

There were also some who took their anger against Google a bit too far.