In their first debate, President Barack Obama asked Mitt Romney about his “$5 trillion tax cut,” and although Romney denied he had plans for such a high tax cut, Twitter users have made fun of the supposed fan by creating a fake website and sharing it on Twitter.

The second presidential debate of 2012 begins Tuesday at 9 p.m. at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island.

Pizza Hut promised that if someone asks either candidate if they prefer pepperoni or sausage on their pizza, he or she will win free pizza for life, but they have since backed down from the comment.

More important questions need to be asked of the candidates, and one that Twitter users are concerned about is Romney’s supposed $5 trillion tax cut.

When Obama brought up Romney’s supposed “$5 trillion tax cut” in the first debate, Romney immediately denied the claim and said he had no intention of introducing such a high tax cut.

“I don’t have a $5 trillion tax cut,” the Washington Post quoted Romney.“I don’t have a tax cut of the scale that you’re talking about.”

But just because Romney doesn’t want to cut $5 trillion worth of taxes, he still does not want to raise any taxes on the middle class, he says, nor will he lower them for the wealthy.

“We ought to apply tax relief to people in the middle class, but I’m not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high-income people,” he said. “I’m not looking to cut massive taxes.” He then said he would sign “no tax cut that adds to the deficit.”

Twitter made jokes about Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut by retweeting a website called “Romney Tax Plan.” When a user goes to click on “Get The Details” the box scurries away from the mouse.

Some said of the faux $5 trillion website:

“When it comes to Mitt Romney's $5 trillion tax plan, details matter,” @kyleminor said.

“Hurry, take a look now: For all the details on Mitt Romney's 5 trillion dollar tax plan visit http://ROMNEYTAXPLAN.COM” @ahzoov shared.

sooo informative! Lol @MlTTR0MNEY: Mitt Romney's $5 trillion tax cut is explained here:” @belle_noire wrote.