After Tyga was accused of cheating on reputed girlfriend Kylie Jenner with transgender model Mia Isabella, he had something to say. The rapper normally doesn’t address his personal life, but he tweeted a cryptic message Tuesday that seemed to be a response to the gossip. 

“[Shaking my head]. The devil is working hard today. Lol,” he wrote on his Twitter page. Within minutes, the post garnered more than 3,300 shares and 2,300 favorites from his 6.79 million followers. Tyga’s supposed relationship with Jenner, 17, has been tabloid fodder because of their age difference. Even though it's been widely covered, they have never confirmed whether they're in a relationship. 

If that supposed relationship weren't scandalous enough, rumors swirled Tuesday that Tyga, 25, and Isabella, 29, have had an ongoing affair for three years, Hollywood Life wrote. If that’s true, that means he also cheated on ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna.

In a reported text exchange, he and Isabella talked about denying their relationship if it ever became public. “If any haters try to publicly connect us, I’ll only ever say we were friends through fashion because of my work as a stylist and your clothing line, never sexual. Cuz that hoe who used to be my roommate been running her mouth and that b---- we did a 3 some with last summer in weho who used to be my friend,” the model supposedly said, according to Hollywood Life. “Ok, don’t trip. That’s why we gotta be low key, can’t trust no one,” Tyga reportedly responded. It’s important to note Hollywood Life did not post a screenshot of the purported messages. Instead the publication transcribed the text exchange.

Jenner did not respond to the alleged affair. She's busy promoting the Pac Sun clothing line she shares with sister Kendall as well as a new business venture, where she'll be sharing her beauty secrets in a new blog, Cosmopolitan wrote.

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