United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the UK and Argentina to “avoid an escalation” in Falklands, and noted his “concern about the increasingly strong exchanges” between the two countries.

Using charged rhetoric himself, Ki-moon said that the debate over the disputed Falkland islands off the coast of Argentina had become nuclear.

Both parties have been urging the UN chief to weigh in on England's decision to send a warship to the Falklands. The HMS Dauntless is preparing to set sail for the region to replace the HMS Montrose, a decision that sent Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner into a fury.

The Dauntless' trip was preceded by the arrival of Prince William, who recently began a six week Royal Air Force tour as a search and rescue pilot on the Falklands.

The Falkland Islands are British and they will remain so. We are not nuclearizing the South Atlantic. One of the reasons we are sending warships is because it is routine, MP Bob Stewart told The Daily Mail.

But the other reason is that we keep hearing all this rhetoric from Argentina. If they keep it up we might have to send a few more.