Students at the University of Texas at Austin protested Wednesday a new state law that allows concealed guns in classrooms and on college campuses even though there is a ban on openly carrying sex toys at universities. According to the New York Daily News, on the first day of classes at the institution, students gathered on school grounds with dildos in protest over the “absurdities.”

Hundreds of sex toys were distributed at the rally on Wednesday with 4,500 donations coming from Hustler, a pornography company, and an Austin sex shop called Dreamers. Jessica Jin, the leader of the “Cocks Not Glocks” protest, told reporters students would not stand for the new law that took effect Aug. 1.

“Texas has decided it is not all obnoxious or illegal to allow deadly concealed weapons on campus. But walking around with a dildo could land you in trouble," she said.

Organizers behind the protest insisted that as long as guns are allowed on campus, certain sex toys would be hooked on to the backpacks of students. KXAN reported that the protest started around 8 a.m. Protestors asked students who are against the new law to wear the sex toys on their back packs through Labor Day.

Even though the ban of openly carrying sex toys remains in place, the University of Texas at Austin allowed the distribution of sex toys on campus, citing that the protest falls under protected political speech. The institution is also encouraging students to take extra safety measures by walking with a friend at night, calling the university's vans to shuttle them to different parts of campus or calling SureWalk, a student-run volunteer group that provides walks to and from campus.