Valentine's Day 2012 is right around the corner. That means, it is time to plan your date night outfit.

For those attending New York Fashion Week, this night will be meaningless (in the romantic sense). To the fashion folk, Feb. 14 means one thing -- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Narcisco Rodriguez.

Racked's Frank Gargione even wrote an open letter, really more of a collective apology, to all the significant others of those working in fashion. You may not be trying to hear that, right? 'But it's Valentine's Day!' 'It's the most romantic day of the year!' 'I already have a gift for you!' 'All of our friends have Valentine's Day plans!' he wrote.

Listen: Valentine's Day is dumb. It is not the most romantic day of the year-it's a Hallmark holiday invented to sell crap to idiots in the dead of winter. Speaking of: It's February. We live in New York. These do not add up to the most romantic day of the year. Sorry.

However, there are those who do celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th, or just late late that night, and need outfit ideas! Valentine's Day is the most popular date night of the year and it requires a solid ensemble to match. 

Popular trends of course lean towards lace, blush-hues, pearls and shimmer. Going with the standard red and pink is not optimal, unless you go ALL OUT, a la Bergdorf's Ms. Linda Fargo at Christian Louboutin's 20th anniversary red-sole celebration. 

Opt for feminine pieces, hints of crimson and powdery pink, sparkly jewelry, movable skirts, bows and illuminating make-up. 

Here are some great options for Valentine's Day (and night) 2012.