We love that the Vampire Diaries cast is just as excited about the coming fourth season as us! Cast and crew of the hit CW series have been using Twitter to tease fans with pictures and Season Four spoilers. The latest Vampire Diaries news comes from Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) and Executive Producer Julie Plec.

Y'all Ready? 7-9-12. Table Read. Episode 401. #workhardplayhard Trevino tweeted along with a photo he posted on Instagram.

The photo shows the Vampire Diaries crew getting down to business in Atlanta on Monday night for the highly anticipated first episode of Season Four. While some faces are hard to make out, it looks like Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Kat Graham (Bonnie), Zach Roerig (Matt), Clair Holt (Rebekah), Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Nina Dobrev (Elena) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) are ready to tackle the new season.

Since Joseph Morgan (left in the photo next to Kat Graham) is at the table reading for episode one, it doesn't look like his character Klaus will be inhabiting Tyler's body for long.

Julie Plec had her own Season Four spoilers to tweet on Monday.

TVDS4: surprises, tragedies, new villains, break-ups, make-ups, romance and scandal, small pockets of happiness for all. And maybe some fun.

Woah! Season Four of the Vampire Diaries already sounds intense! Let's break down some of Plec's teasers with our own theories:

Surprises - It'll be pretty hard to top the surprise of Elena turning into a vampire in the Season Three finale. If we have to guess some surprises for Season Four, we'd have to go either with learning more about Elena's family history, Katherine returning, or something to do with the new characters: April, Pastor Young and Connor.

Tragedies - The Mystic Falls crew have already lost so many people that they loved. Jeremy is bound to be happy to have his sister around, but still must be mourning the loss of her human life.

Spoilers about new character Pastor Young, the man of God who hates vampires, reveal that he will die in the Season Four premiere. Pastor Young has a daughter, April, who will become a series regular. It's possible that the tragedy will be her losing her father.

Another theory of tragedy in Mystic Falls? The death of a major character. Since Matt was saved in the season finale, I doubt that he will meet his demise anytime soon. My money rather lies on Rebekah (whose loss would be a great tragedy to Klaus), or the death of Tyler or Caroline's mom.

New Villains - This spoiler seems a little obvious. We know that Pastor Young will cause trouble in episode one when he kidnaps Damon, but the new Klaus in town is Connor. Zap2It.com described Connor as scary hot and a highly trained killing machine. It's reported that Damon and Tyler will have the biggest problem with Mystic Falls' newest resident.

Break-ups - We could have so many break-ups going down this season! With Klaus taking over Tyler's body for the moment, he could use his time to start rocking Tyler and Caroline's relationship. With Tyler out of the picture, we think Klaus might actually have a chance with Caroline.

The break-up we're really hoping for, though? Stefan and Elena, of course! In the season three finale Elena told Damon that if she met him first things might have been different between them. With Elena becoming a vampire she will remember that Damon made her forget that they met first. Here's hoping she lives eternally ever after with Damon!

Make-ups - Alright, so let's back track with the make-ups. If Tyler and Caroline break up because of Klaus' manipulation, they are bound to get back together when they learn the truth.

As for the Damon, Elena and Stefan love triangle, we have a feeling that Elena will be playing musical relationship for the rest of her eternal life.

Romance and Scandal - This is where Katherine must step in. With Elena and Katherine being identical vampires, Katherine is bound to cause some trouble with Damon and Stefan by trying to pretend to be Elena.

Another possibility is that April, whose intentions are unknown, can weasel her way into a relationship in Mystic Falls.

The Vampire Diaries returns for its fourth season on the CW on Oct. 11 at 8 P.M.

What are your theories about season four of the Vampire Diaries?