“The Vampire Diaries” returned for its fifth season with a sexy and bloody bang on Thursday, Oct. 3.  After an explosive graduation in season 4, the hit CW series moved onto college in episode 1, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

So, how did the show pick up? With the end of summer!

Elena and Damon have been playing Twister between the sheets since professing their love for each other; Bonnie’s been avoiding telling people she died by having Jeremy email and text them; Matt’s been touring Europe (and indulging in a sexy threesome with Rebekah and a girl named Nadia); Katherine’s been wandering the streets scared and Stefan … well Stefan has been continuously drowning and then coming back to life.

Elena has a “nagging pit in her stomach” about Stefan and is worried that something bad is about to happen. But as she moves into the dorms with Caroline at Whitmore College, her friend convinces her that she’s just feeling guilt.

As they get settled in their room (which is huge and don’t feature any bunk beds) with the help of Sheriff Forbes, “Vampire Diaries” learn a little bit more about Elena’s parents – her father “fell in love with medicine” there.

Feeling excited that they managed to survive high school and make it to college, Elena and Caroline are thrown a curveball when they get their roommate … and it’s not Bonnie. So, who is it? A girl named Megan who owns a juicer and likes organic linen.

 Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls, Matt and Rebekah are back for the “End of Summer” town party from their world travels, but they’re missing a couple of things. Turns out their threesome partner Nadia stole Rebekah’s earrings and Matt’s Gilbert ring (which sucks for Jeremy).

They’re not the only ones attending the Mystic Falls festivities – Silas is back! Impersonating Stefan, he reveals his identity to Sheriff Forbes by cutting her wrist in public and doing a little explaining: - He’s a 2000-year-old immortal.

- He’s in his true form since he’s Stefan’s doppelganger.

- He can read thoughts.

- He’s un-killable, immortal and psychic … and don’t ever call him a vampire.

Damon promised Elena that he’d take care of Jeremy. Unfortunately that proves to be difficult because Jeremy’s classmates are not happy that he faked his own death. Despite coming up with a sob story about using drugs to mask his pain after his parents death and accidentally lighting his house on fire, Jeremy’s classmates start a fight with him in school. What they don’t know though is that Jeremy possesses hunter fighting skills, and the boys get their butts kicked – and Jeremy gets expelled.

Damon’s able to compel the principal into only giving him a three day suspension, but that’s not the end of Damon’s troubles – Katherine’s back in town and she wants Damon’s help. In a surprising twist Damon offers to turn her into a vampire, but Katherine refuses. Since no one has ever taken the cure, Katherine is afraid that if she died she might not turn into a vampire … and she definitely wants to live. And that’s not her only issue. She’s afraid that someone is searching for her. And that person is Silas.

Back at Whitmore the girls realize that college is going to be harder than they thought. Under the impression that they can drink blood and store bags in the mini fridge, Elena and Caroline are NOT cool with having a random roommate. Elena tries to convince Caroline that they can make it work, but the girls realize that might not be a reality when they discover that Megan’s water in the fridge is laced with vervane.

Trying to stay calm the three roommates go to a party they were invited to. But while Megan is able to walk inside, Elena and Caroline can’t come in until they are invited. Pretending that Caroline doesn’t feel good, the two vampires leave. But before they can leave the yard of the house Elena gets a frightening phone call from Megan. Screaming and calling for help, Elena and Caroline realize that Megan’s running from someone in the top floor of the house. However since they can’t get in they can’t help her. Megan ends up falling from a window … with a vampire bite on her neck.

Worried how they’re going to explain this to the campus police, Elena and Caroline get another surprise when the cops tell them that Megan’s death was a suicide.

Trying to figure out why the cover up of Megan’s death, Mystic Falls is dealing with its own cover up – Silas. But thanks to Jeremy’s hunter mark (and Bonnie’s ghostly guidance) he’s able to figure out that Stefan is actually Silas. And Silas wants Katherine.

Damon manages to temporarily remove Katherine from Silas’ claws, telling Jeremy to hide her someplace secret. However Damon’s decision to help Katherine gets thrown out the window when Silas offers to tell him where Stefan is in exchange for Katherine.

Calling Jeremy to get him to bring Katherine back, Katherine has other plans. Grabbing the wheel from Jeremy, the new human gets herself into her first car accident – but Jeremy finds himself in worse shape than her. Fortunately Damon’s able to save the day for Jeremy, giving him blood. And in a sweet moment, Damon hugs little Gilbert, telling him not to worry about losing Katherine.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” ended with:

- Matt finds Nadia in Mystic Falls. Handing him back the Gilbert ring she stole, Matt gets blindsided when a man comes up behind him and grabs his head. Muttering some magical words, the man make Matt’s eyes turn black before he collapses.

- Elena finds a photo on Megan’s phone of Megan smiling next to Elena’s dad.

- Tyler calls Caroline to tell her that he’s deferring school for now to help a werewolf pack that needs him.

- Silas exercises mind control over the “End of Summer” party. Ghost Bonnie watches helplessly as Silas cuts her father’s throat, telling the townspeople that they must help him search for a girl that looks exactly like Elena Gilbert.

Quote of the night: “If I hear the word doppelganger one more time I think I’m going to have to learn how to spell it.”

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