Though it hasn't been proven that it is in fact actress Veena Malik on the cover of FHM's India Edition, there are speculations that the controversial actress allegedly posed for the nude photograph for political reasons.

In an analysis on Saturday,, an India news source, speculated six reasons why the actress might have posed nude on the cover of the magazine. At the top of the list of what the reporters Lakshmi Chaudhry and Sandip Roy called their speculative theories was that Veena's posing nude for FHM is all a desperate ploy for political asylum.

Since taking on Muslim clerics -- and accusing them of raping children -- didn't quite do the trick, poor Veena has been forced to up the ante, the reporters wrote. Surely, the gallant Mr. Obama will step in and do the needful. It's a drone, it's a missile, it's Superman to the rescue, saving one naked babe at a time.

But what controversies are there for the actress to want asylum?

Accused of being 'immoral'

Veena has been accused by a Muslim cleric of being immoral for taking part in the fourth season of Indian reality show Big Boss. The reality TV show is a version of Big Brother, as it is known in other countries. It shot Malik to fame in India. However, she didn't gain any favor from the Pakistan government because, in the reality TV show, Veena was shown flaunting her curvaceous figure.

While recently making an appearance on a TV news station, the actress was confronted by cleric Mufti Abdul Qawi, who claimed Veena disgraced Pakistan and Islam while she was on Big Boss. He accused her of immoral behavior.

If she does not have pangs of conscience because of what she did, then I would tell her to awaken her conscience, Qawi said, as reported on No one in Pakistan can look at her pictures in the presence of their daughters. I don't think that her son will like to look at his mother's picture in the future, in her presence or in the presence of his father or brother.

Clerics accused of rape

However, the outspoken actress told the cleric that there were more pressing issues in the country to deal with rather than focusing on her.

There are many other things for you to deal with. There are Islamic clerics who rape the children they teach in their mosques, and so much more, Veena Malik told the cleric. Pakistan is infamous for many reasons other than Veena Malik. Veena Malik is into entertainment.

According to Nick Cohen from the U.K.'s Spectator, the accusation of immoral behavior against Veena isn't insignificant.

This is no small accusation in Pakistan, where Islamist death squads, and their collaborators in the state intelligence service, operate at will, he wrote. The talk-show setting of the attempt at trial-by-media is commonplace, too.

He calls Veena's response to the cleric Brave, beautiful and utterly magnificent.

FHM India scandal

The FHM shoot is just the latest controversy surrounding the embattled actress.

The 33-year-old actress allegedly conducted a photshoot with FHM in Mumbai in November, and from it she landed a cover photo showing her wearing nothing but an ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) tattoo on her arm. The image has caused much debate in Pakistan because of the nudity and because the ISI is said to be a controversial spy agency.

The BBC has reported that in recent months, Pakistan's ISI has been in the headlines following accusations from senior U.S. officials that it is supporting militants, based in Pakistan's tribal areas, who are targeting Western troops in Afghanistan. That report also noted that in September, Adm. Mike Mullen said the Haqqani militant network acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency.

Pakistan has since denied the allegations.

The actress has also denied posing nude for FHM even though Kabeer Sharma, the editor of FHM, and the session's photographer and stylist, said it happened. Sharma has also said he has the video and e-mail to prove it.

That's not me, Veena said, as reported by India Today. I have never done such a photo shoot. My manager and legal team will deal with this matter and will take action. I do not want to talk about the issue any further.

But Sharma said there were two sessions that day shot in separate frames. The second frame shows Veena clenching a grenade between her teeth wearing a pair of green booty shorts.

The India Today report noted that Sharma said:

We had approached Veena directly instead of going through her publicists, and most of the correspondence was done via e-mails.

While shooting for the photo-op, Veena seemed very happy and comfortable. In fact, we shoot with celebs regularly and I must say she was one of the celebs who have been easier to shoot with. She was very comfortable with her sexuality. She has been in fabulous shape lately and the photo-op certainly compliments her look.

Every detail including the ISI tattoo concept had been clarified to her and we went ahead with the shoot only after she okayed it.

Finally, on Nov. 29, she mailed to me saying, 'I have seen [them] im happy with the pictures we shot on 23rd of november for FHM. looking forward to the cover (sic).'

Since the release of the magazine, the local media has reported that Pakistan's Interior Minister Rahman Malik, has said strict action will be taken against the actress if she took the pictures.

Lawsuit allegedly filed

The Express Tribune has reported that Veena has filed a 100 million-Rupee suit against FHM for damages following the release of two magazine covers showing her naked. The paper claimed that the notice of the suit was delivered on Sunday, naming Maxposure Corporate Media, FHM chief editor Kabeer Sharma and photographer Vishal Saxena as respondents.

The Tribune reported that the notice stated that our client was assured that no nude photograph in any manner would be shot by you and reiterated the actress' claim that the photos were morphed.

Sharma, who is adamant that the photo shoot was real, has said: At FHM, the biggest lifestyle magazine here, we do not need to resort to controversy. It is also our policy not to give out video of photo shoots as evidence, especially of nude shoots for obvious reasons. Veena has said she does not want to continue talking about this any further. For us, it is another beautiful cover.

Other controversies

Veena has been caught up in other controversies before. She is the ex-girlfriend of disgraced cricketer, Mohammad Asif, one of three top cricketers recently jailed for match-fixing.

According to the U.K.'s Mirror, Pakistan former test captain Salman Butt, 27, has received a 30-month jail sentence for the role he played in a conspiracy to bowl deliberate no-balls in the Lord's Test against England last summer. Asif, 28, was jailed for one year. Paceman Mohammad Amir, 19, was given a six-month sentence.

Cricket agent Mazhar Majeed, 36, will serve two years and eight months in jail for plotting to fix parts of Pakistan's Lord's and Oval Test matches last year, the Mirror reported.

The Times of India reported that Dheeraj Dixit, a freelance photographer who has been caught up in the match-fixing controversy, has accused the Pakistani actress of having close links with Majeed.

Dixit alleged that Veena spoke to him about her connection with Majeed.

Veena had a boyfriend who she used to call 'Match.' She knew him for three years. I found out later that 'Match' was none other than Mazhar Majeed. They were very close. Malik had told me that she had introduced (Mohammad) Asif to 'Match', Times of India reported. She also told me that she had seven players with her.

Just see her past. Where was she just seven years back and where's she now? She has got a house, big cars and huge properties, Dixit said, as reported by the local paper.

Veena has not yet responded to the rumors of her seeking asylum, as well as to other rumors being reported.

Threats of losing citizenship

The Asian Age has reported that the Pakistan government may cancel the Veena's citizenship or send her into exile for appearing nude.

There will be action. Cancellation of her citizenship, banning her entry in the country or trying her in a court are the options, The Asian Age said it was told by a senior government official.

The interior minister has said he will take action after investigating the issues.

First we need to know if they are original pictures. You know, there are so many pictures of me in the newspapers where I am shown riding a donkey and we know it is not me, he said. They just fix my head on any picture. ... When the investigations are complete, we will be able to tell what action we will take against her. Until then we can wait.

Watch Veena Malik go at it with the cleric on TV in the video below: