Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik has reportedly admitted that her nude FHM photoshoot was a mistake.

Veena's controversial photo appeared on the cover of FHM magazine's December issue.

Although Veena denied having done any such shoot, magazine's editor Kabeer Sharma insisted that it did happen. He claimed that he had emails exchanged between the magazine and the actress as proof.

More drama followed when she sued the magazine for defamation and the magazine counter-sued their cover girl.

Now, the actress star says the shoot did happen, but she was not nude when the shoot happened.

In an interview to the Gulf News, Veena said that the magazine had manipulated the pictures and made her appear nude. When I looked at my photographs, I was shocked too. The first thing I asked my manager when I saw the published photos was: 'Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? But this is not the picture that I shot for'.

Both the images were morphed. My upper portion was covered with tattoos. I think if I could rewind this time, I would like to delete.

She told the Gulf News that the nude cover was a joke when she first saw it.

The allegedly nude photographs of Veena had become hot topics of discussion all across the world, particularly in India and Pakistan.

Veena claimed that the magazine cheated her. It's like they cheated on me - big time, she said.

I have already faced so much in my life they shouldn't have done this to me. But if I had known their mentality, I would not have done the photo shoot with that magazine. But we all make mistakes; I have made a mistake, learned from it and want to move on, she said.

She said the media had been unfair to her and that she had not committed any big crime. At the end of the day, I have not killed anybody. How can you guys be so unfair with me? said Malik, wiping tears.

I have not harmed anybody. At least when you make packages in the media to hike up TRPs [TV ratings], have some sympathy for me. I am not a robot or a machine. I have a heart, she added.

The 32-year-old actress complained that rather than making her a target, the media should have targeted the magazine for morphing her pictures.

When asked about the death threats she received after the controversy, she said it was not true and that she never received any threat to her life. If you ask me, I haven't received a single telephone call threatening me directly. I have not received any paper or legal notice from any country. It's all media hype, she said. 

The ISI tattoo that Veena donned on her left upper arm also contributed to the controversy. When asked about it, she said: FHM came up with that idea and said they wanted to do it all in a playful way. See, the intentions from both sides were not to harm or cause embarrassment. FHM told me that I was the youth icon of sorts and that they wanted us to move on from this obsession with ISI.

It's been the toughest phase in life ...I am scared but I know that I just need to keep faith in myself. Things will eventually clear up in some time. I need some time and I want to request people to stay calm, she said.