Nokia’s Lumia 820 and 920 are exclusive to AT&T, but it looks as if Verizon is expanding its own Windows Phone 8 roster. An alleged photo of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey handset for the carrier’s network appeared on Twitter Monday morning.

Microsoft revealed the handset at its Windows Phone 8 launch event last month, but kept the device’s appearance a secret. Twitter account Evleaks has posted what could be the very first image of Microsoft and Samsung’s new smartphone.

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is set to hit store shelves in December for Verizon users, and will boast support for its 4G network, as the image indicates.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system with its signature tiled interface is showcased in the alleged photo, illustrating what appears to be a home screen with news apps and games in addition to cal and messaging functions.

There is not much else to tell from the reportedly leaked photo, but it seems to have a similar appearance to Samsung’s ATIV S handset.

Samsung has yet to officially reveal which carriers will offer its ATIV Odyssey device, but other Windows Phone 8 handsets, such as Nokia’s Lumia pair, went on sale this past Friday.

Rumors about Windows Phone 8 devices codenamed “Odyssey” and “Marco” have circulated on the web since as early as the summer, when Samsung  revealed the devices as part of their ongoing trial against Apple.  The Korea-based company said in court that its upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets would come with a Qualcomm dual-core 1.5GHz MSM8960 chipset. “Marco” is expected to be a lower-end scaled- down version of its Odyssey sister phone.

When the electronics manufacturer made this revelation in July, it described the Odyssey as an “iconic smartphone,” coming equipped with a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display in true Samsung fashion. The company also revealed that Odyssey would feature HD resolution on its touch screen, an 8 mega-pixel rear-facing camera and support for Near Field Communication (NFC). This suggests that Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 smartphone could be compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming Wallet Hub and Tap + Send features.

It’s worth noting that the above information has come from documents used in Samsung’s court case, and that neither Microsoft nor Samsung have made any public announcements about the phone’s features and specs.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially introduced the world to Windows Phone 8 at the company’s event on Oct. 29, but no pricing and specific release date have been revealed for Samsung’s Odyssey phone.

Although little information has been officially revealed, the Odyssey’s model number and price range had been reportedly leaked at the end of August, according to GSM Arena. The Odyssey is believed to be labeled as I8370 and may cost between $615 and $738. This gap in price is likely to refer to the different versions of the Odyssey that are believed to be available upon launch. GSM Arena added that the phone’s specs are comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy S3, and will come in 16GB and 32GB variations.

With Nokia’s Lumia handsets and HTC’s Windows Phone 8X devices already on the market, Samsung is the only manufacturer that has yet to release its Windows Phone 8 variant.

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