After his controversial victory over Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to take on another confrontation.

The undefeated boxer had a harsh and awkward exchange with HBO's Larry Merchant, in his post-fight interview.

Merchant, a long-time boxing commentator who isn't shy with expressing his feelings, didn't seem to provoke Mayweather when pressing him to explain his decision to quick-start a combination that knocked out Ortiz.

Mayweather abruptly said that Merchant wouldn't give him a fair shake, and then proceeded to direct inflammatory language at Merchant. He also belittled Merchant's knowledge of the sport.

To Merchant's credit, he laughed off the comments. The 80-year-old boxing expert then said he'd fight Mayweather if he was 50 years younger.

A serious interview was needed after the fight, which ended in dubious fashion.

After an unprovoked lunging headbutt by Ortiz and a temporary stoppage of the fight, Mayweather respond by delivering a right and left cross to Ortiz immediately after Ortiz put his fists to Mayweather's in an act of goodwill and apology.

Here's a look of how it went down: