Things may be getting a little ridiculous in the beautiful game.

La Liga giant Real Madrid have signed a young Argentine boy, Leonel Angel Coira, who will begin training September 6th, according to a Madrid spokesman.

Coira is only seven years old and has lived in Madrid for the past three years. His favorite player is Argentina's Lionel Messi, who has been a star for Real Madrid rival Barcelona. Coira is eligible to play for the main squad when he turns 16.

Real Madrid reportedly made the effort to sign Coira because local rival Atletico Madrid was also pursuing the prodigy. 

According to AFP, Coira signed a one-year contract that can be renewed, but will not receive a salary. His father is a coach in Madrid, and said that after testing out both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, that his son felt more comfortable with Real Madrid.

Here is a video of Coira playing in his youth league.