Video taken immediately after Saif al-Islam Gadhafi's capture in Libya has surfaced, showing the one-time heir-apparent to the throne occupied by his father Moammar Gadhafi for 42 years in the hands of a new Libyan government.

The video paints a slightly different picture than the one gleaned from photos of the same room. Saif al-Islam is clearly in pain, and his bandaged fingers seem to be worse than previously thought. Is one of them severed? It's not entirely clear.

In a second video, Saif al-Islam explains that he got the injury when an infidel crusader pack attacked his retinue in Wali Zamzam. He added with a heavy sigh that his Libyan captors are getting him medical treatment in Zintan.

We are sitting here with our brothers, with our families, and there is no problem, Saif added.

Saif al-Islam was captured on Saturday and taken to the city of Zintan, where he will stay indefinitely. Wanted by both the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the interim Libyan government, Gadhafi's second son will be tried for crimes against humanity.

The ICC's chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, said from Tripoli on Tuesday that The Hague would not seek extradition for Saif al-Islam, allowing him to be tried by the new Libyan government. If found guilty of ordering police to shoot unarmed protestors or any other war crimes, Saif al-Islam could receive the death penalty, which is currently legal in Libya.

In May, we requested an arrest warrant because Libyans could not do justice in Libya. Now, as Libyans... decided to do justice, they could do justice and we'll help them to do it – that is the system, Moreno-Ocampo stated.

Our international criminal court acts when the national system cannot act. They [the Libyans] have decided to do it, and that is why we are here -- to learn and to understand what they are doing and to cooperate.

Like in the picture of a turbaned and bearded Saif al-Islam aboard a plane in Zintan that will undoubtedly become an iconic photo, Saif al-Islam seems to have accepted his fate. He sits cross legged and reclined as he chats with his captors. He even smiles a large grin at a comment before looking back at his injured hand.

At one point, the camera zooms in on Saif al-Islam's face. He has an expression that looks like he thinking about his future, his very probable execution. A man holds a gun like a gavel and says something to the room in Arabic, and Saif al-Islam watches.

Saif al-Islam sits in his chair surrounded by those he once repressed. He knew this day was coming. After the death of this father, it was only a matter of time. He appears mentally prepared for what is going to happen next.