“Vikings” will be returning to a TV near you on Thursday, April 3, with a new episode, “Unforgiven.” The title alone hints of something significant occurring in episode 6, but who in the History Channel series will be the pleading for forgiveness? Well, according to spoilers, quite a few characters.

The synopsis for episode 6 of “Vikings” states that King Horik will be returning to Kattegat with a surprising proposition for Ragnar. And we can only guess what it is. After Ragnar left Wessex to get his village out of the grasp of a scorned Jarl Borg, King Ecbert sought the opportunity to attack the pagan Vikings still lurking around his land. King Horik and his son narrowly escaped getting killed, but unfortunately many men did not. Now Horik wants Ragnar to return with him to Wessex to get revenge. The only problem: They don’t have the ships to complete King Horik’s mission.

“I intend on getting revenge on King Ecbert. I think we should go back to Jarl Borg. We cannot go west without his ships,” Horik stated. This comes as a surprise to not only fans but Ragnar, too, because Horik had previously said to the Earl of Kattegat that he did not trust Borg the way Ragnar couldn’t trust Rollo. And because of that, Ragnar had to uninvite Borg to raid with them in the West. Man, this is sounding a lot like high school.

Borg was livid. First he tried to get Rollo to turn his back once again on his brother. When that plan didn’t work out, the leader of Götaland returned home and developed a way to take over Ragnar’s land while he was away, threatening to kill Ragnar and his family.

Eventually, Ragnar, Borg and their men battle against one another. Although the two leaders survived, many of their men had fallen, including one who was sacrificed to the Gods during Ragnar’s homecoming party.

After all the shenanigans, will Ragnar approach Borg with this offer? And even if he does, will Borg agree to help Horik and Ragnar? Something doesn’t sit right with us about Horik’s approach for vengeance. His mind is clouded with anger and that, my friends, could be his demise.

After Horik requests for another raid on Wessex, Aslaug tells her husband in the promo for episode 16 that heading back to King Ecbert’s land wouldn’t be the smartest idea.

“Don’t listen to him,” she pleads. Ragnar is foolish not to take her advice. Doesn’t he remember that his wife sees prophecies?

But Ragnar won’t be the only one faced with tough decisions in “Unforgiven.” When Lagertha returns to her husband, Earl Sigvard of Hedeby, she discovers that she won’t be greeted with open arms. Reports suggest that Sigvard is less than enthusiastic to learn his wife’s whereabouts. He has banned discussion of Ragnar in his home -- but hey, you can’t forget you first true love! Right, Lagertha?

Athelstan will also face challenges in the upcoming episode of “Vikings.” We know he’s been struggling between the pagan lifestyle and Catholicism. He’s attempted to combine the two cultures, and because of this, he’s found himself at the right hand of King Ecbert. We’re just curious to see what will happen when Horik and Ragnar see their former friend fighting along the side of their enemy. We’re sure Floki will get a kick out of this.

Do you think Ragnar will put his pride aside to ask Borg for help? We know he has a fondness for Athlestan and this could be his only way to see if his friend is alive or dead. Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.