The “Vikings” are back! And the bearded beauties proved to be more brutal than ever when they made their debut in episode 5, “Answers in Blood.”

The anticipated episode began with a long-overdue reunion between Lagertha, Bjorn and Ragnar’s new family. “I always knew that some day I would meet more of Ragnar’s sons,” Lagertha said sweetly to Aslaug's boys. “The Gods told me.”

As Ragnar’s former and current wife bonded, the Earl interrupted his lovers telling them to put their pleasantries aside while they create a plan of attack against Jarl Borg. As you know, Borg had taken a hold of Kattegat in revenge for Ragnar kicking him out of the Wessex raid. But now that the big bad Earl is back—he wants his village.

“We want to drive Borg out of Kattegat,” Rollo says. The Vikings look bewildered of how to do that. “With food,” Ragnar’s brother replies.

That Vikings plan of attack is to starve Borg out of the village since their army is unable to match Borg’s in size. Ragnar volunteers himself and Bjorn to complete the mission.

“Don’t fear death,” Ragnar advised his son. “Embrace I as if you’re laying down next to a beautiful woman.”

After giving his son a pep talk, Ragnar decided to get a bit more sentimental.

“Ever since you were little, all I ever heard was, ‘Father, father, I want to come with you. I wasn’t to fight.’ Well, here we are,” he said to a now grown Bjorn.

Once a distraction is made, father and son make their way to Borg’s winter supplies. After a few axe tosses and slit throats, the duo is able to successfully burn down their enemy’s food, leaving a blazing fire and a rage-filled Borg behind.

If you thought Borg was mad before—just wait until you see his gruesome side when he leaves his pregnant wife to fight Ragnar. While out searching for the Earl, Borg and his men come across a trap that leads them straight into the Vikings and their bountiful backup.

At that moment, Aslaug has a vision of the fight. She sees the two sides fighting in a bloody battle. The death toll rises when Borg orders his men to ambush the Vikings, knocking them off their feet—including Bjorn. But Ragnar runs to his son’s side, protecting him from the blade-swinging warriors.

After Ragnar and his Vikings prove to Borg they’re stronger than he thinks, Borg retreats for the battle giving Ragnar a crazy stare-down.

“You fought well today, Bjorn,” Rollo told his nephew.

But Ragnar thought otherwise, critiquing his son’s skills saying he has “a lot to learn.”

After the battle, Ragnar returns to Kattegat with his family and friends. The civilians are overjoyed to see their Earl return.

“Now it’s time to celebrate,” Floki says in his typical fashion.

And they do—with the sacrifice of Borg’s captured man. Ragnar makes his son swing the axe. With no hesitation, Bjorn cuts a swift and clean strike through the sacrifice’s neck. The Vikings then bath in the blood and begin their home coming festivities.

While the village of Kattegat cheers to the Earl’s return, Ragnar pays a visit to the wise man. He explains to the man who sees prophecies that he can’t choose between Lagertha and Aslaug—in fact, he doesn’t want to choose.

The wise man tells Ragnar a story, ending with the moral that Ragnar shouldn’t base his decisions on looks but the hearts and souls of the women. “But you’re fooling yourself if you think the choice is yours,” the wise men advises.

Ragnar still thinks he can have his cake and eat it, too, which is when he suggests the polygamist relationship to Aslaug.

“I will go away,” the Princess says with smiles.

“I want you both to stay,” Ragnar replies, sounding like a broken record.

That’s when the Earl decides to pay his lovely ex-wife a visit.

“You’re wondering what I was going to do?” Lagertha predicts her former lover’s inquiry. “Bjorn is very happy here.”

“Well, then he should stay. You both should stay,” Ragnar urges.

But Lagertha has no desire to be Ragnar’s second choice. She reveals during a village meeting that Bjorn is staying with his father.

“I have come to a decision,” she begins. “I happily give my permission to my beloved and only son to remain here with his father and half brothers. As for me, I must go back to my husband. I have a duty. But I leave my son in your good hands.”

With tears in her eyes, she looked at Ragnar, “Look after him. He’s all I have left.”

Bjorn gave his mother a piece of advice before leaving, telling her not to take “s***” from her abusive husband.

“Who do you think I am?” she asks before riding away on horseback.

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