And tonight we raid! That’s right, “Vikings” fans. A brand new episode will be making its debut on Thursday, April 3. And from the leaked promo, this is one episode History Channel fanatics will not want to miss.

The synopsis for episode 6 of “Vikings” is jam packed with drama. From King Horik’s surprising proposition to Lagertha’s unwelcomed return back home to Earl Sigvard, fans of “Vikings” can expect Michael Hirst to pull out all the stops during the jaw-dropping “Unforgiven.”

But out of all the bloody scenes intertwined in episode 6, fans can anticipate a moment between Bjorn and a slave girl that will make your knees weak. It’s true! Love is in the air for our dear boy Bjorn.

Vikings Season 2 Spoilers Bjorn's knees go weak in "Vikings" April 3 during "Unforgiven.' Photo: Vikings

The young girl, who somewhat resembles Lagertha with her blond hair and braids, meets Bjorn in a village. We’re not positive if it’s in Kattegat or while Bjorn and his father are raiding Wessex per King Horik’s request.

During a sneak peek preview, fans got to see the young warrior bashfully interact with the stunning slave girl for the first time. Eek, nothing gets us more excited than young, awkward love!

Vikings season 2 spoilers Watch Bjorn try and flirt with a slave girl during a leaked sneak peek of episode 6, "Unforgiven." Photo: Vikings

“Where do you sleep?” he asked curiously.

“In that barn,” the girl replied. “With the other servants. And animals”

“Do you… have a boyfriend?” Bjorn questioned.

The slave girl looks down and smiles before answering, “Of course.”

Ouch. That’s got to hurt Bjorny-boy. But probably not as much as a sword to the heart.

Vikings season 2 spoilers "Vikings" will get romantic during episode 6, "Unforgiven." Photo: Vikings

We’d advise the love-struck Viking to seek the advice from his father, but it looks as if Ragnar has relationship issues of his own. This is one life lesson Bjorn will have to learn on his own. Do you think the slave girl featured in the sneak preview of episode 6 will be Bjorn’s future girlfriend?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Vikings” at 10 p.m. EDT Thursday, April 3 to catch you favorite “Vikings” in action.