With the competition increasingly fierce, “The Voice” had to send home another one of its remarkable talents tonight as it revealed the finalists for Season 8. It was another dramatic night of edge-of-your-seat excitement as America sent its top four singers to the next round.

After a performance of their smash hit “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon, host Carson Daly brought out the remaining five contestants and revealed the first name saved for the evening. After a shockingly innovative performance last night, Sawyer Fredericks was once again pushed through by America to the next round.

Following an awesome performance by Pharrell and the one and only Snoop Dog, the four remaining artists again appeared. After a long and awkward pause to build tension, Daly announced that Team Blake’s Meghan Linsey was the next contestant to move ahead. This was also no surprise, as she put on two incredible performances during last night’s live semifinal show. Linsey has been a consistent talent in the competition thus far, and clearly America will not stand in her way as long as she continues to keep delivering.

India Carney, Koryn Hawthorne and the newly saved Meghan Linsey sang “Faithfully” by Journey to break up the difficult eliminations. After their dynamic triple performance, Daly decided to switch things up and read the name of the first artist who would perform in the Live Save. For the third week in a row, India Carney was forced to go backstage and prepare for her desperate Live Save.

Remaining artist Joshua Davis took the stage with Fredericks next to sing a duet of the Doobie Brother’s “Drift Away.” For two artists that are strikingly similar to one another, it’s amazing that these two don’t pair up more often. Unfortunately, fans had only one song’s worth of bliss before it was time to bite their nails again. With only two contestants left, Daly announced that Davis was saved by America’s votes. This meant that Carney would go head-to-head against Koryn Hawthorne in the final Live Save of “The Voice” Season 8.

Carney stepped up first, singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side.” Carney seems to have genuinely surprised her coach, Christina Aguilera, each time she’s been in the bottom during eliminations, and tonight was no different. She is an absolute superstar in this competition and finds a way to deliver each week. For some reason, America keeps voting in favor of other artists, but her third Live Save performance once again showed the country why that’s a mistake. However, the big question was, would it be enough to dethrone Koryn Hawthorne?

Hawthorne took the stage immediately, singing “If I Were A Boy” by Beyoncé. There have been many complaints about this singer’s voice in the past few weeks, making her inclusion in the bottom two not that much of a surprise. However, she managed to pull out all the stops for her Live Save performance, proving to everyone that “The Voice” Season 8 top five contestants have no wrong answers. With the performances dead even, viewers were allowed just one commercial break to show their allegiance.

The Live Save at last week’s eliminations  showed the world the voting can come down to a matter of one or two tweets, and tonight was a repeat of that event: After nice words from the judges, Daly announced that Carney had finally exhausted her Live Saves and sent her home with nothing.

Next week, the remaining four artists will take the stage for a chance at making it to the final three of Season 8. Tune in to NBC at 8 p.m. EDT for “The Voice” live finals performances.