D.C. area rapper Wale released his newest mixtape on Wednesday, "The Eleven One Eleven Theory," ahead of his much anticipated "Ambition" album.

"The Eleven One Eleven Theory," quickly set the Internet by storm on Wednesday afternoon, causing at least two Web sites to crash from too much demand for the mixtape. Additionally, Wale and the mixtape trended in the United States on Twitter, and Wale was one of the hottest search terms on Google.

On Twitter, Wale claimed that he and his team lost track after the mix tape hit 300,000 downloads within the first few hours.

The mixtape is a precursor to his much anticipated "Ambition" album - his first under the Maybach Music Group. The group, owned by rapper Rick Ross, also includes rappers Meek Mill and Pill.

The mixtape's name is from the anticipated release date, Nov. 11, 2011, of his "Ambition" album.

"The Eleven One Eleven Theory" is Wale's seventh mixtape, though he is best known for his "The Mixtape About Nothing" about the Seinfeld television show.

The intense demand for his mixtape keeps shutting Web sites down, but right now the best way to listen to his new music is at this link.