Wale has been known to get into arguments with social media users in the past, and his most recent spat was with Snapchat star and music promoter YesJulz.

First — and it’s not clear why —the Washington D.C. rapper threw shade at YesJulz on Twitter and seemingly implied that popular bloggers like herself hurt artist’s careers with their opinions. He also accused some of being jealous. “Ya’ll make people famous and be mad they famous,” he wrote on Saturday. “F--- you culture vultures.”

Wale then got a little sarcastic. “Hi Julz, I’m an up-and-coming rapper with a few musics out,” he wrote. “You got an amazing acumen for music. Kindly check out some [of] my tracks.” From there, YesJulz seemed to take offense at Wale’s tweet and claimed that she’s more popular than he is.

“And a man that takes shots at a lady, because he is upset she gets more views than all his music and videos combined is pretty corny,” she replied. Then at some point during the exchange, YesJulz said that Wale and his team reached out to her to promote his single “My PYT,” but she declined because she feels he disrespects women.

I would blast those emails where your team reach out to our agency to market your single and we kindly declined, but I’ll keep it professional,” she tweeted. “I was down to promote ‘PYT’ till my team told me we shouldn’t, because he disrespects women consistently, and now I see they were right. Bless up.”

Wale then brought race into the argument. “You can come on here and show out all you want,” he wrote. “We know you think black women hate you. We know you think black men want you.”

After, others jumped into the spat, some sticking up for the social media celeb, others for Wale. “The only time this girl ever gets attention is when she’s tweeting some stupid-a-- s---,” one person wrote. “If she don’t notice me, I’m cool,” another person tweeted, seemingly addressing Wale’s penchant for blasting those who don’t praise his music enough. “Worry more about your profile pic [and] being you.”

If you’ve followed the MMG rapper’s career, then you probably know he’s gotten into plenty of arguments with social media users and music journalists before. Arguably, his biggest rant was  against a Complex reporter in December 2013, after he was angered about his album “The Gifted” not making the magazine’s 50-Best-Albums-Of-2013 list.

“At this point, you know it’s got to be personal,” Wale yelled over the phone. “You telling me it’s not personal, it’s like a bold face lie. To be omitted from every type of list that ya’ll do or be at the bottom of it or every type of way that ya’ll can omit me, ya’ll will.”