Episode 12 of “The Walking Dead” may have only focused on Daryl and Beth, but this week viewers will see a couple different prison survivor groups on screen. Are they all safe? Can they continue on without each other? Episode 13, “Alone,” will continue to dive into the lives of the survivors post-prison.

Thanks to a leaked synopsis, we know that the split survivors will eventually stumble across a safe haven, more than likely the “Sanctuary.” The synopsis teases that one group will find new shelter while another group “has a realization about protection.”

Last time viewers left off, both Tyreese’s group (Carol, Lizzie, Mika and Baby Judith) and Rick’s group (Carl and Michonne) had found the railroad tracks and signs for “Sanctuary.” “Those who arrive, survive,” promised the signs for the safe haven. But are they walking into another Governor-like situation? Or is this truly a safe place for those seeking shelter from the zombie apocalypse?

Hopefully, one of the groups to find new shelter will be Maggie, Bob and Sasha. A sneak peek video of “Alone” shows the trio encountering some problems as a fog washes through the area. With their backs to each other, the three wait as the sound of walkers slowly creeps closer to them. The fog breaks enough for them to find the walkers just in time to fight them. But can an already injured Bob help fend off the zombies without getting bit?

Meanwhile, another sneak peek video shows that Beth and Daryl are getting more comfortable out on their own. After their awkward drunk fight in episode 12, Daryl is now teaching Beth how to use a crossbow and track, and she’s excelling. Finding prints in the woods, Beth manages to figure out that the tracks belong to a walker because of the way they zigzag.

“I’m getting good at this,” she tells him. “Pretty soon I won’t need you at all.” A somber Daryl replies,“Yeah, keep on tracking.”

Episode 13 of “The Walking Dead” will air on AMC on March 9 at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen? Leave a message in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

Walking Dead "The Walking Dead" episode 13 - "Alone." Photo: AMC