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"Walking Dead" episode 12- "Still" Gene Page/ AMC

“Walking Dead” fans have been sheltered from the outside world, but as the second half of season four progresses, it has become obvious that danger lurks behind every corner. Episode 12, “Still,” focused on Daryl and Beth – and the pair are definitely struggling without their former group members.

Forced to hide from a hoard of walkers in the trunk of a car, the duo later set up camp in the woods. And while Daryl is fine chowing down on snakes and using a mirror to make a fire, Beth wants more – specifically booze.

“I need a drink,” she tells Daryl. Wanting Daryl to go with her on a hunt for alcohol, Beth decides to head out on her own when Daryl ignores her. But just like last time Daryl ends up following her, and the pair end up at a golf course/ country club.

Managing to get inside as a pack of walkers head towards them, the two discover that the country club was a safe haven for the wealthy. As some zombies hang from nooses, Daryl collects a bag that is overflowing with money and jewelry. Meanwhile Beth is still bent on getting her hands on some alcohol. Finally stumbling across some in a closet, she’s unfortunately forced to smash it when a walker attacks her from behind. Managing to kill the walker by herself, Beth snarkily thanks Daryl for his help. “You said you could take care of yourself,” Daryl responds. “You did.”

Continuing through the country club, Beth finds some new shirts to change into. But inside that room they also find something disturbing – a mummified body of a woman propped up on a model stand with her shirt open … and a sign that says “Rich Bitch.”

At the request of Beth, Daryl throws a sheet over the woman’s body and the two continue through the country club. And unfortunately they are not alone. Besides the noose zombies, they also come across a couple loose ones. Initially making a run for it, Daryl stops halfway through and decides to fight them off. Hitting the first couple right in the head, Daryl proceeds to beat the last zombie in the chest with a golf club. With the zombie continuing to growl at him from the ground, Daryl takes the club and knocks a chunk of his head off – splattering Beth’s brand new shirt with blood and brains.

After Daryl’s zombie beat down, the two come across the country club’s bar where Beth finds the last bottle of alcohol – some peach schnapps. “We made it,” she tells him with the bottle in her hand. “I know you think this is stupid and it probably is, but I don’t care … beat up on walkers if that makes you feel better. I need to do this.”

As Beth stares at her bottle of peach schnapps and cries, Daryl throws darts at photos on the wall. And when he can’t take her tears anymore, he smashes the bottle on the floor and tells her that peach schnapps isn’t going to be her first drink. Heading back out in the world, Daryl drags Beth to a house in the woods that he previously found with Michonne.

“I was expecting a liquor store,” she tells Daryl. But opening up a moonshine barn he tells her that, “this is better.”

“That’s a real first drink right there,” he tells her, pouring her a glass. Beth is initially hesitant to drink it after recalling that Hershel told her that bad moonshine can turn you blind, but she ultimately ends up taking a swig. “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted,” she says while pouring Daryl a glass. But Daryl won’t drink it, telling her that someone has to keep watch.

Finally agreeing to a drink after they decide to stay there for the night, Daryl opens up about his life. Playing “Never Have I Ever,” Daryl reveals that he has never been out of the state of Georgia, never been on vacation … and that he has never been in jail.

“Is that what you think of me?” Daryl asks after Beth says that she has never been in jail. Beth argues that she’s trying to figure out what he did before the apocalypse – but the remark gets Daryl a little riled up.

Getting loud, Beth begs him to be quiet. But Daryl’s yelling stirs a walker outside. Dragging Beth by the arm, Daryl pulls her outside and forces her to “learn” how to use the crossbow. Pinning the zombie to the tree, Daryl has his arm wrapped around Beth’s neck as he pulls the trigger. “Killing them is not supposed to be fun,” she says when she gets free from his grasp. And when Daryl snaps back, she yells at him for asking like he doesn’t care about the people they lost at the prison.

“I made it and you don’t get to treat me like crap because your afraid,” she tells him. But Daryl argues that he’s not afraid.

”I remember,” Beth fires back. “When that little girl came out of the barn, after my mom. You were like me. Now god forgive you let anybody get too close.”

“You lost 2 boyfriend’s you cant even shed a tear,” Daryl fires back, telling her she’s acting like a “dumb college b****.”

But it’s then that Daryl finally cracks. Bringing up the Governor’s attack, Daryl tells Beth that maybe Hershel would still be alive if he hadn’t given up on looking for the Governor. Touched by Daryl’s confession, Beth tightly hugs Daryl from behind—ending their brief fight.

As Daryl sobers up, he begins to talk about Merle and finally reveals what he was doing before the zombie apocalypse.

“I was just drifting around with Merle,” he explains, calling himself a redneck nobody. “Doing whatever he said we would be doing that day.”

The pair continues to have a heart to heart with Beth telling Daryl that she knows he’s going to be the last man standing. “You are,” she says with a smile on her face. “You’re going to miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.”

Daryl tells her that they should call it a night and go inside but Beth has other plans. “We should burn it down,” she tells him. And Daryl agrees. “We’re going to need more booze,” he warns.

Heading inside they cover the floors with moonshine before lighting a wad of cash on fire – and lighting the place on fire.

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