walking dead season 5 spoilers
Find out who could be lurking behind the gates of Alexandria in episode 12 of "The Walking Dead." (Pictured: Christian Serratos as Rosita and Michael Cudlitz as Abraham.) AMC

Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group of survivors is about to grow significantly. In episode 11 of “The Walking Dead,” the gang was led to the gates of Alexandria, an alleged Virginia-based safe haven, by newcomer Aaron (Ross Marquand). And from the joyous noise of children sound tracking the scene, it seems like viewers are about to meet a slew of new (and hopefully kind) group of survivors.

Being the curious creatures we are, we decided to find out just who lurks beyond the walls of the rumored Safe-Zone. And thanks to the help of Robert Kirkman’s comics, which is what the hit AMC series is based off of, we have an idea of what sort of people we’ll soon be meeting.

Check out the characters we may just encounter as Season 5 continues below:

Douglas Monroe -- Douglas was the original co-leader of the Safe Zone along with founder Alexander Davidson. However, after Alexander abused his power, Douglas cast his friend out of the community and faked Alexander's death, becoming the leader of Alexandria.

Peter Anderson -- Peter, better known as Pete, was one of the most valued members of the Alexandria community considering he was a doctor. Because of this, his wicked ways were swept under the rug -- that is, until Rick came along.

Jessie Anderson -- Jessie is the wife of Pete, who claimed that her husband’s behavior changed for the worse after the outbreak occurred. In the comics Jessie ends up having a relationship with one of the main characters -- but we won’t spoil that for you!

Ron Anderson -- Ron is the son of Jessie and Pete who is typically seen with bruises and black eyes.

Bruce -- Bruce is a biker-looking character living in Alexandria. His job is to aid in the construction of the Safe-Zone’s walls.

Tobin -- Tobin is another worker of the construction crew.

Denise -- Denise is one of the three doctors living in Alexandria.

Heath -- Heath is Denise's boyfriend. He's a supply runner for the community.

Nicholas -- Nicholas is the husband of Paula and father of Mikey. He was uneasy with the arrival of Rick’s crew and was specifically cautious of the brutality he saw in Rick and Carl.

The Saviors -- Fans could potentially meat the Saviors at the end of Season 5. They are a large group of survivors who live outside the walls of Alexandria and are notorious for their violence.

Negan -- Forget about the Governor. Negan is the ferocious leader of the Saviors. He uses fear to manipulate his gang of ruffians to committee horrendous acts. According to the comics, Negan ends up slaughtering a beloved main character.

Who are you most looking forward to meeting when “Walking Dead” airs episode 12 of Season 5? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to the new episode when the AMC thriller airs Sunday, March 1, at 9 p.m. EST.