It's bigger, more powerful and arguably much better than the $99 Novo7 tablet set to arrive for sale in the U.S. And it's far more popular than the $99 TouchPad tablet was, even in a fire sale. It's just not $99.

But those who want an Apple iPad tablet but don't want to pay top prices are in luck -- a cheaper iPad 2 is available from Apple in a 16GB, Wi-Fi model for $419 with shipping. It comes with FaceTime, 10-hour battery life, and HD video recording, just like a new iPad. But the models Apple is selling at the cheaper price are refurbished.

Still, you can get one here. It's not as cheap as the $99 Novo7, or the discontinued $99 TouchPad, or even the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire, but it is the world's bestselling tablet at a lower price.

Apple has been reluctant to drop pricing on its new iPads, with availability starting at $499. But as the lower-priced competition heats up against Apple, most notably from the new Kindle Fire, most think the company won't cut prices on its new models until January, at the earliest. Reports suggest Apple will release a new tablet, the iPad 3, in February.

Apple is likely to cut iPad prices then, as it has done when releasing a new iPhone model -- dropping prices on existing models.