Professional MMA fighter War Machine, aka Jonathan Koppenhaver, 32, will be extradited to Nevada to stand trial for the alleged beating of ex-girlfriend and adult film actress Christy Mack, 23.

Koppenhaver, who has maintained his innocence since the incident on Aug. 8, is facing multiple assault, felony battery and coercion charges that could land him in prison for more than 25 years if found guilty.

The alleged attack took place at Mack’s residence in Las Vegas and left her in critical condition. The 23-year-old was hospitalized after Koppenhaver entered the star’s home uninvited and found her with a male friend. He then allegedly attacked Mack, leaving her with 18 broken facial bones, broken ribs and missing teeth. Even after weeks of recovery, Mack is currently unable to speak and is suffering from a ruptured liver.

Mack’s online fans began to worry on the evening of Friday, Aug. 8, when she took to Instagram and Twitter to cancel her weekend appearance at the Art-N-Ink Tattoo Festival in Las Vegas. The star regularly uses social media to communicate with fans and has nearly 2 million followers combined on both sites. Mack told disappointed followers that she had a personal emergency and would not be able to attend the annual event. A Las Vegas local news site was the first to report on War Machine’s brutal attack, though the initial report didn’t confirm that Mack was the victim, simply claiming that the person harmed was the fighter’s “significant other.”

During the weekend, thousands went online to contemplate what exactly transpired between the former couple early Friday morning. Because Mack is a porn star, many users claimed she “probably deserved it.” Others speculated the actress was cheating on Koppenhaver, and that he found her in bed with another man. On Monday, Mack released a statement, including four photos of the result of her attack.




Koppenhaver remained on the run from police for a week, and was apprehended in Simi Valley, California at an Extended Stay America hotel with a small amount of cash.