The National Weather Service predicted severe thunderstorms and chances of tornadoes across six southern states Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday, as severe weather continues to impact the region.

“The Storms are expected to rapidly become severe,” said in a bulletin issued at 11:37 A.M. central time by the NWS Storm prediction Center in Norma, Oklahoma.

The largest cities in areas at greatest risk include Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee.

The center expects “an outbreak of severe thunderstorms over parts of the southern plains and lower/middle Mississippi river valley late this afternoon and tonight.”

The center is also forecasting “the development of a few strong/long-track tornadoes and widespread damaging winds” over the same area.

The areas most like to experience this activity include the southern half of Arkansas, far northwest Louisiana, Northwest Mississippi, far southeast Oklahoma, Southwest Tennessee and Northeast Texas.

The center also said it “will again be possible” to see the same type of weather into Wednesday.

“The greatest threat will exist across the Tennessee Valley … Ohio Valley … and surrounding portions of the Southeastern U.S.,” the bulletin said.