Bruce Willis is known for being a tough guy after starring in action-oriented movies such as "Die Hard," "Pulp Fiction," and "Sin City." But apparently Willis wasn't always so cold-blooded. In the 1984 Levi's Jeans commercial below, Willis dances around wearing a yellow shirt and jeans. It's something to see.

At the time the commercial was made, Willis was 29 and just beginning to get really serious about his acting career. In the early '80s, Willis lived in New York, performing in various off-Broadway productions.

The Levi's ad premiered around the time Willis moved to Los Angeles to further his career.

Later in 1984, Willis would make a landmark appearance in the quintessential '80s cop show "Miami Vice." His role as an international arms dealer in the episode "No Exit" soon earned him a starring role in the detective series "Moonlighting."

A year before that show was cancelled, Willis took the role that would make him famous: the hardened New York cop John McClane in "Die Hard."

Since then, Willis has made a name for himself playing various hard-boiled killers. But now the jig is up. Everyone is going to know he's a big softy after seeing him dance like an idiot.

Check out the dancing, prefame Bruce Willis in the Levi's commercial below.

As an added bonus, here’s the extended spot, which also briefly features a young Jason Alexander, who would later go on to play George Costanza in the hit 1990s situation comedy “Seinfeld.”