Idris Elba is the latest actor to turn to rapping, as the "Luther" star showcased his rhyming skills in the music video for "Picking Up The Pieces" from The Milk.

The music video featuring Elba rapping, which you can view below, has more than 8,000 YouTube views and was overwhelmingly given a thumbs-up by YouTube users, with 192 likes and only two dislikes. Elba, 39, can be heard on the track around the 2:20 mark.

But outside of YouTube, the former "The Wire" actor's lyrical talents are being bashed.

Media and gossip website Gawker wrote about Elba rapping, giving the blog post the headline, "Oh God Idris Elba What Are You Doing."

"Idris Elba, just because you can do one thing well doesn't mean you can do all things well," Gawker's Rich Juzwiak wrote. "When in doubt, just stand there and look pretty."

YouTube users agreed that Elba looked pretty in the clip for "Picking Up The Pieces," which can be viewed below. They also think Elba has talent as a rapper.

"You smashed that Idris.....and yes he defo gets sexier and sexier and now i need a cold? shower!! Xxx," wrote YouTube user Ssoozysu.

"Idris Elba just? gets sexier and sexier...," said shutupbeezy.

"I love? this... IDRIS....Such a beautiful creation!!!!" exclaimed IAmDivaFierce.

YouTube user MrSweetness likened Elba's gruff flow to rapper DMX.

"He sounds like a? UK DMX," he said of the London-born Elba.

No word on whether Elba is considering ditching his day job for a rapping career, but it's unlikely he'll make the switch.

Elba won a best actor Golden Globe this year for his portrayal of Deputy Chief Inspector John Luther on BBC's "Luther."  He was nominated for the same role in 2010.

The role also led to two consecutive Emmy nominations for outstanding lead actor in a mini-series or movie, in 2011 and 2012.