In a new video making its rounds on the internet, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) teams up with Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) in an effort to poke fun at Christie's jealousy of Booker.

Throughout the video, Christie finds himself in simple scenarios where he could potentially help others, like changing a flat tire or saving a falling baby.

But to Christie's dismay, Booker swoops in at the last minute each time to save the day - and steal the spotlight.

The video seemingly expresses Christie's apparent jealousy over Bookers clear ability to take on the Hero role in the state of New Jersey.

Booker, the current Mayor of Newark, N.J., received a jolt in popularity after rescuing a neighbor from the smoke-filled second-floor bedroom of her burning home, back in April.

I punched through the kitchen and the flames and that's when I saw Detective Rodriguez. He grabbed her as well and we got her down the stairs and we both just collapsed outside, Booker said at a press conference following the incident.

Christie finally gets the chance to turn the tables in the video when he overhears Booker trying to talk Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney out of picking Booker as his Vice President.

The video was debuted at the New Jersey Press Association's Legislative Correspondents Club dinner on Tuesday, May 15.

Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don't Worry, We've Got This