North Charleston Police are investigating a potential case of child abuse at a church day care center in South Carolina after a Snapchat video appeared to show a worker at the center sitting on and hitting children. 

Several news outlets reported Wednesday the video titled "Nap time struggle" was taken at the North Charleston United Methodist Church Learning Center, which is open to members and the public.

The 10-second video, obtained by NBC affiliate WCBD News 2, shows a woman hitting a blanket-covered figure and using her hand to slap the uncovered leg of another child on a different cot. Her left leg is placed on another blanket-covered figure on a third cot.

Church pastor Rev. Richard Reams said that he learned about the video Tuesday and immediately reported it to the North Charleston Police Department and to the state department of social services.

"We wanted every agency to know as soon as we did," Reams said.

"My first reaction probably isn't best words to come out of a preacher's mouth but I was a little surprized by it," Rev. Reams said. "There are multiple levels that were disturbing and absolutely against our policy."

"I couldn't believe what I was watching," Reams told WCBD-TV.

He also confirmed the employee in the video and any other individuals associated with the video are “no longer here.”

"As much as I would love to go back to whatever happened before this to keep it from happening I can't," Reams said.

Reams also said the church sent a letter to parents and church members Wednesday about the video, explaining the incident and the immediate steps taken; the letter also assured the parents that their children were in safe hands.

"Trust was broken last night and today between parents and this community. And my goal is that as the leader of this church and this ministry is to begin rebuilding that trust and that happen with authenticity and transparency," Reams said Wednesday.

"All I can do is control how we respond in the present to regain or build trust," he added.

North Charleston Police spokesman Spencer Pryor told Fox News detectives were investigating the incident.

In a similar incident in June, a Philadelphia day care center worker was fired after a surveillance video showed her hitting and pushing a child.

The worker was dismissed immediately after the video surfaced on Facebook, the director of Olney Academy had confirmed to NBC10 at the time.

According to NBC10, the video showed the worker walking toward a child and swatting him.

In April, a 58-year-old woman was charged in Omaha, Nebraska, with child abuse when she was caught on video hitting a girl in a day care center, according to NBC News.

The video showed the woman sitting across from a little girl at a table, and hitting her on the head a few times.

"Quit messing with your hair," the worker was heard saying in the video, prior to punching the girl’s left arm.

The little girl is seen crying and heard saying, "that hurt me." The worker replied, saying, "Good, I hope it hurt you," and shaking the child violently.